Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's MONDAY! It's so nice to have something to look forward to at the beginning of a new week. I really don't know why I so love to share all my horrifying and embarrassing moments so much. Maybe it's because they did *not* really happen! So join the fun and tell what you would not do in your wildest dreams (or most painfully real life!). Hop on over and link up at MckMama's blog or at least go check out what all the rest of us have not been up to. Happy Monday!

This week was certainly not a blur again leaving me wondering what I did and did not do! Oh my, when will I ever learn to write them down as they don't happen. ; )

This week I did not watch my beautiful 14 month old learn to throw fits with style. She most certainly does not throw herself down on the floor and kick her legs propelling herself across the carpet and get up with rug burn on her face. Not in my house!

There was not a time this week that I let Tyler and Becca "babysit" Hope in the yard while I worked cleaning up the lovely piles left by our dogs. I didn't have to stop at regular intervals to run in the house, wash my hands, and run back outside to pull rocks, sand and other nasty things from Hope's mouth. I would make sure the yard was cleaner than that before I allowed her to play outside.

I did not take all three of my children to the hospital to visit their grandma by myself. I would know better than to do that at nap time (again). Especially since this requires putting gloves on all of us and keeping the kiddos from touching anything in the room. Tyler did not do great (except for the touching things part). Becca did not walk around in tiny circles in the room after her brief conversation with Grandma. Every time her circle came in close proximity to me she did not say "can we leave now." I did not quietly hush her at least 20 times before finally relenting. Hope did not fuss, cry, and scream the whole time we were there leaving Grandma to *not* ask "What's wrong with her." That would be ridiculous of me.

It was not me that fed my family pasta twice this week while my husband and I try to lose weight. I cook better than that and know the importance of planning ahead. So that would never happen in my house!

After the lovely birthday party for Becca last weekend it did not take me three days to rid my house of the half dog eaten cake. I clean up way better than that so there is no chance that was me.

I did not forget to write a church movie night on the calendar and then go my merry way and forget all about it until 2 hours after we should have been there. I also did not have to 'fess up when asked by fellow Sunday school goers how we enjoyed it. Nope! Not Me!

Also at church I did not greet a friend in the hall with the words, "You need to update your blog." I have way more tact than that. I certainly didn't have to eat my words when she described the week she had. (You know who you are friend. I am praying for your scratches to heal!)

May your week be as wonderful as mine!



Eighty MPH Mom said...

How cute! I love how your daughter DOES NOT throw tantrums in style!

Please check out my Not Me Monday:

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

The forgetting the movie thing? So something I would do! I have also told the blog thing to one of my bloggy friends!
Hope this week DOES NOT go by in a blur! (Truly!)

Amanda said...

Oh my dear... the day in the life of a mommy! We could do Not Me lists for days and days...

You are such a dear!

There is a great blog you should check out if you have time. Its called Surviving Motherhood, and the blog author, Karen, is an extablished author as well. She also travels the country speaking as various functions and lots of MOPS groups! I think you would like it!

I hope you are having a blessed day!


Jeri said...

OH gosh, you're funny! My scratches are fine and I don't mind you being on my case about my outdated blog at all (it's updated now though and I even just fixed all the typos :)). People with too much tact are boring. Shoot it to me straight sister! Love ya!