Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Making a Commitment

A few months ago, Tyler made the decision to be baptized. The last of August we celebrated this huge step of faith with him. We are so blessed to see God’s work in our son’s life. Below is the testimony Tyler wrote for his dad to read before his baptism.

Tyler, we are so, so grateful that you are choosing to walk in the truth. We know that God is at work in your life and we trust Him to complete the good work He began in you. We pray that everyday you will choose to live in the truth of God’s love and the power of the Spirit.  We love you!


I asked Jesus into my heart when I was three. We were singing songs about God and Mom told me that Jesus wanted to be in my heart. I asked if He was and Mom said “Not yet.” And she asked me if I wanted Him in my heart. I said, “That would be very nice of Him.” Then I prayed and Dad prayed.



God has worked in my life in many ways. He has given me friends and family to support me.


Dad and Mom have read Bible verses that have encouraged me and kept me motivated to keep working for God and not for man.


I want to be baptized to show God has made a change on the inside of my life. I want to trust God with my life because He died for my sin.


Being baptized means dying to my sin nature and living a life for God.


My favorite chapter is Psalm 23 especially the first verse.  “The LORD is my shepherd I shall not want.”




Thanks to all the family and friends who joined us to celebrate. We are grateful to our family and the church family who showed us love and helped make this a wonderful evening. Special thanks to:

Grammy, Papaw and Grandpa for being such awesome, loving, listening, encouraging grandparents. Words can’t express the gratitude we feel for teaching us how to teach our son.


Pastor Jim for being a part of our whole family’s life these past 7 years, showing up for us when it when you didn’t have to, and putting us on your short list, meeting with Tyler and baptizing him.


Pastor Tim for helping Ty find a place of service over and over, loving him so well, walking him through the process , coordinating everything that day and making sure all the details were in place.


Miss Chelsea for getting him the wonderful book, helping with accountability, loving on him this past year and being sensitive to the Spirit’s leading in ways that changed his life.


We are blessed that there are so many others not on this list.  We love you all