Friday, April 29, 2011

Belated Easter

Saturday Before Easter Service we had a little extra time to take pictures. The kids did so well posing in newly cut grass without getting a single grass stain on their clothes. Blessed much? Not my smartest move.

Becca is looking so grown up here! She picked this outfit out herself for her birthday. I love this LONG skirt. 

My handsome man! This is his first "real" tie. Doug's not excited about having to tie another tie. At least he doesn't have to do his hair! 

Hope was too wiggly for a picture! I think no nap may have factored into this. Love her grin in this picture so it won out. Notice the grape hyacinth she picked?

My 10 month old baby girl on her first Easter. She's showing off her clapping skills. This is her cousin's dress. Thanks for sharing it, Marley!

Monday, April 11, 2011

You're Nine!

Dear Tyler,

You're nine today. I was thinking back over these past nine years this morning.

How still and silent you were when you were born. Three of the scariest minutes of my life. How mad you were at birth. Everyone laughed at how furrowed your brow was. You are the only newborn I have seen who looked ticked-off. I can't really blame you after the way your birth went.

How eager you were to move. Walking by nine months. Climbing ladders before you were two. I'll never forget turning around to find you half way to the roof and all the entire roofing crew yelling at me in Spanish.

Your eagerness to talk and take part in adult conversations.  You still crack me up with the adult words you use. The other day you used "per se" appropriately in a sentence. Currently "vaguely" is your favorite response to someone asking about a distant memory.

I'll never forget the hurt the first time other kids picked on you. Walking out of Sunday school and trying so hard to keep a brave face on. And having to sit on my hands as you and daddy worked through it the way "men" deal with these things.

Your pride as you learned to read and discovered how much you truly loved it.

The first time you asked if you could ride your bike down our front steps. And watching you do it.

So much has changed. You rarely want help bandaging your scrapes or solving problems. You are a do-it-yourselfer - just like your daddy. You have a confidence that sometime gets you in trouble, but will carry you a long way. You are a hard worker. You don't shy away from things because they are hard, you try harder to reach the goals you set for yourself. You no longer want to be watched, but want to be the "helper" at church functions.

You are so quickly becoming a young man, one that I'm blessed to call my son. I watch as you stand up for the underdog. I've watched as you've had the opportunity to do wrong, but chosen right. And I am blessed. I pray each day that you grow in knowledge of God and in wisdom. That you will know His plan for your life and walk daily in it. I love you sweet, sweet boy. Happy Birthday. Love,


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy 10 months, Baby Girl

You are a mover and shaker now. In the last month you have conquered crawling, started standing for a few seconds at a time, and cruising. It's getting to be a challenge to keep up with you. I love to watch you map out the house. The excitement on your face as you round a corner and find the person you were looking for makes me laugh.

You are eating everything now. Cheese, pasta,bananas and green beans are among your favorites this month. You also had your first grilled cheese. You ate almost a whole sandwich.
You are trying to stand up from sitting on your own. As we found out on our trip south, you hate to have anyone help you. If we hold your hands as you try to stand, your legs immediately go limp. Sitting here you though you might be able to do it. Instead you slid off the rock.
You are exploring everything around you. And it all goes into your mouth. You also are learning to tear things. A corner of a page of the book of Judges went in yesterday. Today it was a piece of this daffodil.
Your favorite games now are "So Big" and "Peek-a-Boo". You also love to play hide and go seek with the big kids. You are love your shape sorter and pop-up toys. You also hate books. You quickly flip the pages and get upset if Mommy takes to long to read it. We're working on it. :)
You are in a mama's girl phase right now. Although the only person who's name you you know and say is "Da-Da" You have started saying it every day when he comes home from work. You love weekends when we all snuggle in bed together. I love to watch your face light up when daddy comes in from work.
We can't wait to see what new adventures you are on to explore. Love,

*Thanks, Meg, for your help with the pictures. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sometimes people ask 

why we wait to give our baby

a bath after dinner.
 Now you know.