Monday, August 13, 2012

Jonah’s Druthers

This spring Tyler and Becca were a part of our church’s kids musical. It was a fun western spin on the story of Jonah. Our children’s pastor did an awesome job of making sure everyone was included. Becca and Tyler joined over half way through the practices and they were each given individual singing parts as well as some minor rolls.

Becca was loving the western costume she got to wear. She and on of her friend’s were able to not only sit side by side in the “choir”, but got to sing solos in the same song. It was a fun experience for her.


Becca also did an awesome job singing her solo part as well as filling in for other during the sneak peaks at church. I was so proud of her poise.


Tyler also had a solo performance. He was so determined to get his part exactly right that he went out with a very serious expression on his face. We kept encouraging him to enjoy his time on stage and not worry too much, but it was his baby sister who made him finally relax. As he went up to take his place at the microphone, Bree kept yelling “Dy-dy”. (Her version of Ty-ty.) We were all laughing (and trying to hush her), but it was fun to see him let loose a little.


Ty’s other role wasn’t a speaking role, but it got a laugh anyway. At one point in the show they introduced “Jonah’s Brothers” and he came out wearing this wig. I think he could totally do longer hair.


We loved having all three grandparents, aunts, cousins, great-grandparents, friends and neighbors all come to the show and love on the kids. It was an awesome weekend.