Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Because I Needed a Laugh

Today I opened my email and saw this forward from my sister.

Women are angels
And when someone breaks our wings.....
We simply continue to fly....
on a broomstick...
We're flexible like that.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Things I Never Wanted to Hear

While playing out in the yard, I noticed Hope seemed to have something in her mouth.

Me: "Hope do you have something in your mouth?"
Hope: "Yes"
Me (while prying her mouth open): "What do you have?"
Hope:"The sandbox."

Friday, March 19, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

There are many reasons I love homeschooling. This is just one.

I can't often justify making sweets. And I have never made the deep fried kind. But, when we are studying the colonial days of America. And the kids are anxious to learn how they didn't grocery shop but still had goodies around. Well, what's a mom to do besides make doughnuts. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last month, Doug surprised me with a new lens for my camera. It's been so much fun to play that I decided to try taking the kids spring pictures. Two words sum it up -fun and work. :)

We headed to a local park on a rather cold day -thus the red and runny noses! The day was gorgeous and the big kids were so well behaved. Hope has been feeling a little puny lately so she was not happy about taking pictures. And she has a love affair with her coat. And her coat's hood. "Hat on" happens to be her favorite words before heading out the door right now. The fact that it was warm enough to need only a jacket didn't go over so well.

By the time Ty and Becca sat through a million pictures of all three kids (Hope was distracted or grumpy in many) they didn't want to take any more. So I took a few more of the big kids outside the house the next day. I've learned something about toddlers and photo sessions...they don't go together. Ty and Becca did great with all my goofs and trying to learn my way around my camera better.

So now that I've dragged this on forever, here's my plea for help. I can't decide on my favorites and would love some input. If you know anything about editing (I use Picassa) and could help me there I'd really appreciate it.




(This one is obviously SOOC)

The kids

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Been a Long Time!

Here's a quick review of what's happening here. :)
It's been a lot cold.
(Weekend trip to my parents. The snowiest weekend of the year.)

And we've just had life happen.
(Sorting through all the boy clothes I no longer need. *sniff, sniff*)

And we've been having a lot of fun.
(Children's Museum)

It's been a little crazy.

But that can be fun too.
(Being an aunt is so much fun!)

We've celebrated.
(Becca's sixth, just the family, birthday party)

We've seen old friends.

(Former Wabash College student and my 4th brother

came back from Malaysia for a visit. As you can see

Hope loved him from the start!)

And enjoyed taking in the new

(kids first time to the circus).

But, now, I'm hoping to be back around here a little more often. But even when I'm not blogging, I enjoy reading about you and yours! See you tomorrow...maybe. :)