Monday, November 23, 2009


You all were right! Tyler did win that game of chess. But, I wasn't the one he beat. Although if you'd ask the kids, they would say I was. For the sake of family peace I took over a losing child's place. It's totally worth it to have an afternoon with fewer squabbles. Especially during the first trimester.

Once again, you were right. Brandi and Laura, I'm impressed. Thanks, Marley's Mama (aka - my big sis) for not giving it away. I didn't take that picture with the new baby in mind but when I was trying to figure out how to share the news on here the four pumpkins lent themselves nicely to the cause. :)

Next June we are expecting our fourth little one. AND, the baby is due the week of Mom #2's birthday! It' just icing on the cake for us. We are so sad to not be able to share this joy with her, but the blessing of this child's birthday being near hers makes a small connection that we feel has God's fingerprints all over it.

Now if you'll excuse me the baby wants the French onion soup I have simmering. :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I'm always amazed that once I get out of my blogging routine that I seem to have a hard time getting back into it. I love to blog, to share bits of myself and to read all your blogs and find out bits about you.

I think that's been one of the best things about not blogging. I don't log in and check to see how many comments I have, I check to see how many of my "friends" have blogged. I love reading about your families, your life, your quirks, your pets.... I love that blogging is not about me. It's about the people I have connected with.

So to that end, thanks! Thanks for emailing and checking on me when I've gone missing. Thanks for reading what I've written and commenting. Thanks for sharing your life with me too! I'm so grateful for this little community that is forming in my little world.


The past few weeks there has been some time to focus on my man. He turned thirty, and I have nary a picture to prove there were two parties thrown for him. I swear we had so much fun. The kids and I shopped for little gifts for him and had a blast eating tacos and key lime pie. Hope was really funny to watch eating such a sweet and sour combo. Becca decided, "she's still learning to like it" and Tyler offered to finish her piece for her.

I threw a modified surprise party for him. I am great at keeping everyone's confidences, but I have a weakness for telling Doug everything I'm doing. Everything. Even surprises I'm working on for him. So I'm growing slightly wiser and told him I was inviting a few of his friends over. His friends -meaning the group of guys he's been hanging out with since jr. high. But I also invited family and friends from church. He swears he didn't, but when one of the couples from our small group (also some of his favorite people in the world) walked in, he looked at me and said "YOU JERK!" It took him until then (after a good 10 people he didn't know were coming had already walked in) to figure it all out. I laughed so hard I about wet myself. We had a blast with everyone who came by. Thanks you all for making it such a great day for my man!


Being the wonderful man my husband is, he took all three kids to go do a side job with him. God bless the man, but I should have known better. The kids were CRAZY. Hope was playing on the laptop. Tyler was ceaselessly blowing a whistle. I'm really glad I wasn't there to witness it all. Cristi, would you tell your parents we're really sorry?


Remember forever and two months ago I promised a giveaway? It's still coming. Hopefully next week. Bug me about it if I forget would you. Thanks!


To finish this post off, here's a reposting of one of my favorite pictures. There's a hint of changes to come in our family in it. Can you find it?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Son's Latest Obsession...

captured by my latest obession. It is so much fun when our worlds mesh.

Anyone want to guess who won?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

After A Very Long Break....

Here is a guest poster. For your reading pleasure, I would like to make one suggestion. Every time the word "pumpkin" is used read it as "punkin."

The Apple Picking Day and the Pumpkins

By Tyler Bishop

We got ready to leave the house to go to the apple orchard. And there was a pumpkin patch there.It was a cool evening. We went to the apple place. We got two bags for the apples. We got apple cider and we also got pumpkins.

We went to get the apples first. Most of the apples were on the ground, but not all of them. There were still some good ones on the tree so we picked them. Daddy jumped to get the apples. It was silly to watch because he had to catch the apples as they fell out of the tress. Becca and me picked the lower apples that we could reach. Hope tried to eat the apples off the ground that were nasty. Mommy found the trees that had good apples and Mommy picked apples like all the others. But not like Hope. Because Hope didn't know which ones to pick and not pick.

Then we went to get the pumpkins. After we had put the apples in the back of the can, because they were heavy, we drove down to the pumpkin patch. At the pumpkin patch we ran across the road to get to the pumpkins.

Becca found the one closest to the road and I wandered back into the pumpkin patch. It was a big field with trails that led all around the pumpkin patch. There was a very big pumpkin at the back of the pumpkin patch. Me and Becca both ran to get it, but it had a big crack on the bottom of it. So we decided to leave it.

We had a couple pictures taken with a bunch of pumpkins sitting in our laps. Me and Becca smiled and Hope sort of smiled. We got our pumpkins and we went back home.

The End