Tuesday, November 10, 2009

After A Very Long Break....

Here is a guest poster. For your reading pleasure, I would like to make one suggestion. Every time the word "pumpkin" is used read it as "punkin."

The Apple Picking Day and the Pumpkins

By Tyler Bishop

We got ready to leave the house to go to the apple orchard. And there was a pumpkin patch there.It was a cool evening. We went to the apple place. We got two bags for the apples. We got apple cider and we also got pumpkins.

We went to get the apples first. Most of the apples were on the ground, but not all of them. There were still some good ones on the tree so we picked them. Daddy jumped to get the apples. It was silly to watch because he had to catch the apples as they fell out of the tress. Becca and me picked the lower apples that we could reach. Hope tried to eat the apples off the ground that were nasty. Mommy found the trees that had good apples and Mommy picked apples like all the others. But not like Hope. Because Hope didn't know which ones to pick and not pick.

Then we went to get the pumpkins. After we had put the apples in the back of the can, because they were heavy, we drove down to the pumpkin patch. At the pumpkin patch we ran across the road to get to the pumpkins.

Becca found the one closest to the road and I wandered back into the pumpkin patch. It was a big field with trails that led all around the pumpkin patch. There was a very big pumpkin at the back of the pumpkin patch. Me and Becca both ran to get it, but it had a big crack on the bottom of it. So we decided to leave it.

We had a couple pictures taken with a bunch of pumpkins sitting in our laps. Me and Becca smiled and Hope sort of smiled. We got our pumpkins and we went back home.

The End


Sherrie Payne said...

That's my boy! He's going to grow up to be a writer just like his mom. Good job, Tyler. And good job, Mom, with the pictures. Love you all!

Brandi said...

Hey girl, I was just thinking about you today and wondering what y'all have been up to...

Now, Mr. Tyler, is this your debut post? Very nice job. You are a great storyteller... I felt like I was right there! Wow, what a beautiful orchard! What are the big plans for the apples? :)

Marley's Mama said...

Tyler! What a wonderful job you did on your very first blog post! Great story! And you can tell your mom good job on the pictures too. :) If you make applesauce will you be sure to save me some? Tell Becca and Hope I said "HI". Love you!
~Aunt Meg

He & Me + 3 said...

That was awesome. What a fun time. Great pictures to go with your post Tyler:)

Laura said...

That was awesome, Tyler!! I loved hearing about your day and it looks like you all had SO much fun!

That was so cute, Bethany! And the pictures are great, the kids are so adorable...you are one very blessed Mama! :)

JanMary said...

Great story teller!

Your guest blogger should have a blog all of their own :)