Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last month, Doug surprised me with a new lens for my camera. It's been so much fun to play that I decided to try taking the kids spring pictures. Two words sum it up -fun and work. :)

We headed to a local park on a rather cold day -thus the red and runny noses! The day was gorgeous and the big kids were so well behaved. Hope has been feeling a little puny lately so she was not happy about taking pictures. And she has a love affair with her coat. And her coat's hood. "Hat on" happens to be her favorite words before heading out the door right now. The fact that it was warm enough to need only a jacket didn't go over so well.

By the time Ty and Becca sat through a million pictures of all three kids (Hope was distracted or grumpy in many) they didn't want to take any more. So I took a few more of the big kids outside the house the next day. I've learned something about toddlers and photo sessions...they don't go together. Ty and Becca did great with all my goofs and trying to learn my way around my camera better.

So now that I've dragged this on forever, here's my plea for help. I can't decide on my favorites and would love some input. If you know anything about editing (I use Picassa) and could help me there I'd really appreciate it.




(This one is obviously SOOC)

The kids


He & Me + 3 said...

Isn't photography so fun? I would be so giddy if I got a new lens. How fun. The pictures turned out great. I love the ones of the three kids together..they are precious.
It was really hard choices, but I think the third one of Ty and the second one of both the girls are my favorites. Great job!

Amanda said...

Boy that little Hope is sure a charmer... she just oozes sweetness!! I really like all your pictures... I cant think of any way I would change then they are so good. You are a natural!!

Keep it up!


April said...

Hi there. I too am working on photography but i do have a cousin who is a professional that i do get tips on. I just wanted to say first how beautiful each one of you children are and how photogenic they really are (despite how we mommy's try different poses and we loose their attention..they get tired) Anyway I use microsoft suite and the second to the last picture of all three kids and Hope looking..you could edit the blurred black around to give the edges a burnt look. There are several i do to mine like that and it looks so neat and almost professional. Great job!


Brandi said...

Ooh, I have lens envy. ;) Do you shoot with a Nikon or Canon (you may have told me before, but I have pregnant brain right now... I know you understand that).

All the pics are excellent! My favorites of the big kids are the first one in each series of them. The one on the steps... fantastic! That one may look good in b/w. The first one of Becca is my fave and the second one of Hope (the up close shot ~ great smile)!
All three of the kiddos in the tree (I think the 2nd shot in that series) is so cute. I love candid shots.

I think you got some super pics! Beautiful kiddos make that pretty easy, though. ;)

Grammy said...

Okay...here's my vote: Tyler's 1st one. That's so him (in his quieter moments). For Becca, I also like #1, but #2 is a close second. The coloring is just paler. She just stands out in the first one. For Hope, #2 without question. Her personality shines thru in this one, for sure!For the trio, I like the expressions and coloring of the second one. So...a 5X7 of this one please for the grandkids shelf!
Good job, honey. You are really developing a good eye. Your pictures are really beginning to tell a story. Love you!

Marley's Mama said...

Wow, Beth! Great photos! My favorites are Ty on the steps, Becca in the rocker (though I really like the first one too...), The close-up of Hope, and the thrid one of all three of them. These are awesome photos! Oops, I already said that. :) I loved the ones in your previous one too, especially the Children's Museum one with the wall of colors- wow.

Love you!

happygal said...

They are all really good, I can see why you are having a hard time picking! I love the ones of all three of them as well as the one in front of the door and on the swing (? I think it's a swing).

great job!

Laura said...

Bethany, they are ALL so good! I was picking my favorites and ended up changing my mind like 15 times. :) Seriously they are all very very good, your kids are such naturals! How exciting about the new lens! I *still* don't have a camera. :( Maybe I would have gotten one if I didn't break my computer. :)
Hope you're having a great weekend girl!

Megan said...

These are AWESOME! I use Picasa for my photos too but I always end up making them too bright - you have just the right touch. What kind of camera do you have? And it doesn't hurt that your kids are adorable, either.

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)