Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't Try This at Home

You know how I said I loved homeschooling the other day? Here's the flip side...

The day started well, Tyler got his math done. Writing was a breeze. And I thought we might as well hit science hard. We'd been a little slack in that area lately.

Here's where things begin to go south.

We have been talking about birds. Learning birds don't live in nests. Learning what makes a bird different from other animals. Learning about migration. Naturally what follows is a birding expedition right? So we all head out.

Key word: ALL.

Read: Me, three kids, two dogs, a stroller.

Yes, I think I officially lost my mind.

Before we could even get out the door, our well behaved older dog decided to run out into the yard before we got his leash on. I corralled him with little effort. I got Maverick's leash on, gave it to Tyler and turned my attention to Macy. I got the leash on the new not so well behaved 55 pound puppy and opened the door.

Insert side note here:
I have never taken Macy on a walk before but thought to myself, "How hard can this be. I have a short leash. I tightened her collar. We're good to go."


As I was saying, I opened the door and stood there holding the leash waiting for the writhing, panting, slobbering, manic dog that was at my feet to relax before I stepped out the door with her. I was trying my best to recall obedience school from Maverick and put all the 'rules' into practice. The first rule of walking a dog is never let them pull. I waited and waited for her to calm down and stop pulling before moving on. Instead, the dog got out of her collar and ran like I have never seen her run.

Standing in the doorway of my home, I watched her run down the block. I called her. I slowly stalked her. I all but begged her to return. (I think she knew it was not sincere.) After trying to get her to come back, and watching her disappear around the corner, I decided that I should stay with my children rather than exact revenge on the dog for clawing my feet to pieces before she ran.

I walk the half block back to my wide eyed children and am met with, "Mommy, will we ever see her again?" Would it be wrong of me to admit to saying under my breath, 'not with any luck.' Because if it is, I didn't say it.

Our nature walk, which I had explained to Tyler was all about birding, became all about dogging. We found Macy. I put her collar on tighter than before. She proceeded to choke herself all the way home. I rang the school bell and called it a day.

Thank goodness tomorrows starts with new mercy!



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I felt like I was right there with you- too funny! But I know that frustrations! Thankfully my dogs are only 15 lbs. I think I'm going to write Cesar Millan on your behalf! Macy will earn you many jewels in your crown in Heaven! Love you!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, I hate to laugh at your misery....but I did! :) Maybe next time you could leave the trouble maker at home, OR you could get a bird feeder and let the birds come to YOU....just a thought! :)

Amanda said...

lol you are such a gifted writer! I have a "macey" as well....and I know exactly how difficult it can be!

GREAT ending btw... love that grace!~

Donna said...

Fantastic post...found you from the Riggs blog directory :) We're also a Christian homeschooling family, and your post was hillarious - I can think of more than on occasion where well-thought (sorta thought through?) plans went south. Those are the memories we'll most like talking about one day!