Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Flying South ...sort of

****Updated* Two hours and spark plugs/wires (the ones on it were original to the vehicle)/distributor cap/rotor change later (adding in a return because '95 vehicles are apparently difficult to determine parts for) and it works as good as when we bought it with only 130K miles on it. I guess after 190K wires tend to wear a little. Thanks for praying! ******

As I eluded to in my last post, we are heading south. As in Florida. As in beaches and dolphin watching. As in sandcastle building and shell hunting. I am so ready to go.

I love winter. I enjoy the snow and the ice storms that leave their beauty behind. I like snuggling under blankets (just for honesty's sake- I do that when it 88 degrees outside too). I love hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream. I love sweaters that help me deny the weight I've added on as I've added children to our family. All these things make winter a happy time for me.

But, my parents did something to me. When I was in my teens they began to make a pilgrimage to Florida's Cape San Blas during my older sibling's college Spring Break. This week of heaven soon became tradition. And I have forever been spoiled. Once spring begins to make an entrance, my thoughts turn to these white sand beaches. My husband and I have spaced this tradition to every other year since we've known each other. Our young family and and an annual week long trip to Florida do not go hand in hand with our budget! It was on this beach that Tyler and Becca took some of their first steps. Those pictures hang on our wall as vivid reminders of these precious times. I can't wait to got back and make some more memories. I'll post pictures too.

There is one small hang up.

We lovingly call our '95 Nissan Quest "Chitty" - as in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. When we bought it, it had a small exhaust leak. Which we had fixed. Then it had another. Which we just had fixed a few weeks ago. Now, the thing bucks. (It's an automatic!) So, I'm not sure what new name we need to come up with for the *insert large doses of sarcasm * dearly loved fully paid for vehicle. It still has an exhaust leak. It still has some sort of other problem (which we have been told the only way to find it is to rule out several options through repairs). So tonight my wonderful husband is going under the hood to work on our beast. Please pray. They don't get along well. He is quite adept at basic car repair and maintenance, but as I said, this one can be a beast.

As I dream of the warmth, my husband will be working in the cold. He's such a servant to our family. I'm so glad I got one of the good ones!

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Kristin said...

I think I have another of the good ones! Isn't it wonderful to have a husband devoted to his family? Mine has a real gift of joy (and makes me sound like the whiny brat!) going about seemingly mundane tasks without complaining!

Hope you enjoy the sunshine!