Friday, February 27, 2009

Yes, It Was Me!

Today was one of those days. I will not tell a lie. I am GLAD it is over. It started at 6:45 am. Tyler was up and at 'em and ready for PBS kids. As I have confessed before, I routinely let my kids watch PBS in the morning so that I can snooze a few more minutes (or hours). This morning was a little different though.

6:45 -Tyler, "Mom can I watch Mia and Miguel?"
Me, "Sure"
6:47 - Tyler "Mom it's not on yet."
Me, "I know it will be on in half and hour."

6:55 - Tyler, "Yeah, 7:30 right?"
Me, "Yes, Ty"

7:05 - Tyler, " Mom, how much longer and can you turn up the heat."
Me, "Tyler, do not wake me up again. Get in bed with me and be quiet so you don't wake up your sisters."

7:15 - Tyler, "Mom, it's 7:30!!!!"
Me, "No, Tyler, Daddy just sets his clock fast."

7:30 - Hope, "A bada, bada, baba, ba." (Translation, someone come get me outta baby jail and feed me breakfast!)

And so my day began. It wasn't all bad. I have written about my oldest sister, but not yet about my middle sis. She and I are close in age and have children very close in age. She was in town today and stopped by for a visit. It was great to see her. Great to have some time to have girl talk. I miss the days when we lived just a twenty minute drive from each other. She and her husband have a beautiful old farm house they are renovating (and doing an amazing job at, I might add.) I'm so happy that they have their home and some land, but still miss having them around. So does Doug. My middle sister and I married best friends so that makes the get togethers all the more fun. One day, when we have our home in the country....

I got an invitation fromAmanda at I Am Mommy to participate in a new blog carnival. At first I dismissed the idea ('cause I'm the kind of person who boycotts my own birthday parties. Sad, but true.), but I just couldn't get the thought out of my head. So without further ado, here's my Yes, it was me moment for the week.

This week, I celebrated victories with my kids everyday. With Tyler, we celebrated many school victories. With Becca, we celebrated her listening and accepting instruction. With Hope, we celebrated her learning to play Peek-a-boo, complete with the words. So, today, I celebrate those moments!

So, what did you do that was worth celebrating this week. Hop over to Amanda's blog or leave it in the comments section. Let's enjoy the moments we have been given.


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Amanda said...

Well, anytime we see a child learning it is a HUGE accomplishment in Mommies Lives!! I am smiling and proud right along with you...

Well done! Heres to many more victories!!

Many blessings dear sister in Christ-