Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Free therapy day! Come on over and join this fun blog carnival created by MckMama where we all share things we did *not* do this week. It's so fun to pretend to be perfect :)

Here we go...

This week I did not almost ruin our garbage disposal by trying to run an avocado pit through. Granted it was really on accident, but I certainly did *not* allow the disposal to run for 15 or more seconds while trying to figure out what the clunking was. I also did not just smile guiltily when my husband later remarked on the sounds coming from the disposal when he tried to run it!

Speaking of hubby dear, I did not laugh until I had tears in my eyes when he took a huge bite of steaming hot soup and had to spit it back out. I am way more kindhearted than that. Poor guy. I would always make sure he was okay before I laughed. I also did not ask him if he couldn't see the steam coming up from the food. Definitely not me!

I did not decide on Friday to take our first snow day. I wouldn't even need a snow day since we are a homeschooling family. I would know better than to take one even if the public schools get to and don't have to count the first few out of the allotted days of teaching. I also would never take a snow day when there is no snow falling. Nope! Not me!

Furthermore this week, when the weather hit a balmy 48 degrees I did not bundle the children up and tell hubby we were headed to the park. I would know better since our baby's six day fever had only broken a few hours before. I so did not have cabin fever requiring me to get out of the house or really go crazy. We so did not stay there until dark. We so did not have a blast.
I was not pround of Becca's big sister skills!

Or Tyler's big brother skills!

Or Tyler's photography skills

This totally did not make me more madly in love with my husband!

Neither did this ; )

Did I mention Tyler is never a ham?

After Hope's fever had lasted three days, I was not tired from carrying her. I was not torn between needing to get some dishes clean and caring for her. So, I did not swaddle my 13 month old baby girl when she had a fever and chills. I did not ask Tyler to bring out his bean bag and place my daughter on it. I did not put on her favorite Baby Einstein. I did not let her lay there and watch the movie completely content for the first time in days. And I most certainly did not take pictures of it.
You also are not seeing those pictures posted here.

Just this morning, I did not make our son clean up the dog mess when he forgot to take the dogs out again. I would never just let him clean it up. Even if it was in his bedroom. I certainly would never let him work on it while he is gagging so hard I wonder if I will be cleaning up two messes soon. I wouldn't do that. Not even in the name of natural consequences. Nope. Not Me!

So what have you not been doing this week! Write your own, or leave a comment. I want to find some other *perfect* moms to hang out with.


Amanda said...

My goodness!!! I LOVED you taking your kids to the park in 48* weather...that would be a heat wave where I live!!! Good job! Your kids are absolutely gorgeous and hubby is wonderful! What a blessed family you have.

Have a wonderful day!!


seriously? said...

That picture of you sweet little sick one is just darling!!! Great list.