Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Aahhh, It's Monday. A new week beginning. Freezing temps outside. Birds are no longer singing. But that okay, Not Me! Monday is here! Yes, it's my favorite blog carnival of all. Created by MckMama, Not me Monday give us all the chance to bare our souls and tell the world what we did *not* do this past week. So if you're brave enough hop on over to her blog, link up, and join the group therapy session - umm, I mean fun!

This past week has not been such a blur of craziness that I can remember almost nothing worth writing about. I am a woman who knows my own mind, keeps a consistent schedule, and doesn't get rattled, so of course I have several stellar examples of my perfection!

This past week I did *not* graciously handle being insulted by both my living grandmothers. The first instance most certainly did not involve her telling me that I got "so huge it looked like you would pop." while pregnant with Hope. The second did *not* involve my dear mamaw telling me that "you can't rely on your grandkids." Furthermore, even if that had happened I would not need to call my sweet sister and yell about it into the phone. I have much more grace than that. I have no shortcomings or weight issues so the above mentioned situations could never apply to me. (Thank God!)

This past weekend we finally got to celebrate Becca's birthday with family. The first party was not delayed by a six day 102 degree fever of her baby sister. On Saturday I did *not* get her cake all decorated, set up the party table, leave the room to get my shower 45 minutes before anyone was to arrive and have the following scenario take place. After getting in the shower, my husband did *not* poke his head in to tell me some family was coming early. I did not hurriedly try to finish only to hear a dog yelping in pain. I did not then grab a towel to wrap in and run out to see what had happened while yelling "Is she okay?" I did not hear my husband say "I just hit her. Look at the cake!" I did not see a half eaten cake sitting there. I did not see my daughter's eyes fill with tears. I did not look behind her through the wide open drapes (remember I was NOT wearing only a towel) and see my grandparents-in-law get out of their car right in front of the house. Nope. Not Me!

The best Not me of my week however isn't really mine at all. This week I most certainly did not receive a call from my oldest sister telling me that her husbands cancer is shrinking in a way they did not believe possible. I did not cry, laugh, yell, or wake my husband to tell him. I did not share the good news with everyone who may or may not know my sister. And I'm not still so excited about what God had done that I'm sharing it with even more people that I may or may not know. Nope, Not ME!

Have a perfect week!

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Khadra said...

great news about your brother in law :)