Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Becca!

Today is Becca's fifth birthday. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. It seems like no more than a year or two since I first met her. She was so good right from the start. She has a will of iron and a spirit that is soft and sweet. It's such a joy to have her as my daughter.

She challenges me continually. She makes me think, makes me depend on God more, makes me pray. She is always thinking and asking me to think along with her. She feels life so deeply that I pray daily for protection over her spirit. She loves to push her limits so daily I pray for her to live under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

She makes me laugh. And she hates it when I laugh at her. She is so funny and doesn't know how to handle it. Becca can say something so straight faced that makes me laugh so hard I have to work to not fall of my chair and she doesn't even crack a smile! Oh, my sweet, funny girl.

She makes me realize again each day what a joy it is to be a true princess. Yes, she is a princess. God's and Daddy's. And she lives it to the fullest. Painted nails are a must. Brushed teeth are not.

She loves those close to her with a passion. She will do anything for her brother and sister. She cares for them so deeply.

Each day when Hope wakes from her nap, she points to Becca's bed. When I put her on it. She crawls to the stuffed animals and picks one out. We go ask Becca is she can have it and she never says no. She never holds it against Tyler when a toy gets broken. She never fails to forgive me when I'm short with her.

She loves to tell people she has a secret. "Jesus loves you!" She whispers into the lucky person's ear. She knows how to grab a heart and never let go.

When she prays, she prays for others. Uncle Jim, Aunt Megan and Marley top her daily list.
As needed she adds others. Right now she is getting worn out with her prayers. She prays for three or four people than sighs, musters her strength and prays on.

What a privilege I have to raise a daughter of the King. What a joy. What a tremendous responsibility. Thank you, Lord for this child.

Happy Birthday, Becca- Boo. Mommy loves you!


Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Becca! That is a very heart warming post!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little girl. I love to hold this precious little one on my lap. She's so tender. Happy birthday, Bec-Bec!
Love, Aunt Megan

Chelsea Pang said...

Found your blog on Audrey Caroline's. Such a source for networking. You have beautiful kids...we are in the market for a dog. Any suggestions? I would like one to run with that would be good with kids.