Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things I Never Thought I'd Say or Hear

Homeschooling is an adventure. Even with my experience of being taught at home, nothing quite prepared me for life as a homeschool mom. And yes, Mom, I realize it's just beginning.

I hate bugs. Really, really don't like them. I even get a little creeped out a bit by lightening bugs. Butterflies fall into a category of their own. Moths (even though they are in the same order) do not.

So when the kids announced they wanted to study bugs I was less than thrilled. Really? Apparently so. So trying hard to swallow my fear and not let the kids see my distaste, into the bug world we have ventured. We have labeled the parts of an insect. Discovered, much to Tyler's chagrin, that all the drones (male honey bees) die at the end of the summer. Learned the word proboscis. And even captured a few. Today we found a moth in the house and launched into the study of it. Was it truly a moth? Or was it a skipper? How was it's body shaped. And much to my delight the kids all jumped on a chair to chase it in beautiful light. See?

In this study I never thought I'd say, "Oh, look. The cricket just pooped on me?"
Nor did I expect Tyler to say, "Look, Mom, there's moth poop on my hand."

Reason number 2346 why insects are not my favorite study. Just don't tell the kids.


Amanda said...

I am so with you girl... can I call in sick that day??


Laura said...

Yuck, I hate bugs too...especially ones that fly! You're such a good mommy to hide your distaste for them and let your kids learn! I am trying not to let Alexa see me "not like" bugs, not sure it's working though. :)


Meghan said...


I guess it could have been roach poop! Nasty, nasty, nasty!!!

JanMary said...

Fortunately my middle daughter loves bugs of all sorts. She rescues me from them, or is that them from me?!!

Marley's Mama said...

Love the picture of them in the window. You can tell that Ty is totally digging it! Good for you! I suppose I'm going to have to do the same kind of thing and feed Marley tuna someday...

Love you!