Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chips Off the Old Block

Doug's is really close to his maternal grandparents. I love to see the bond they have and the bond growing between them and my children. They never take anyone too seriously so I've learned not to step in the proverbial kitchen if I can't take the heat.

When Mom #2 was well, about once a month Grandma and Grandpa made dinner and come over to my in-law's place and we would all have dinner together. Grandma (Marge) makes a mean pie...and I'm not a pie eater. Because of health conditions Grandma always asked for a "sliver" of pie. Doug always gives her a tiny sliver to spite her. It's a long standing joke they enjoy.

Last night we were eating cornbread and Ty asks for a piece, but only a small one. Becca with a gleam in her eye says, "You mean a sliver?" Ty quickly retorts in his best Grandpa imitation, "No, Marge."

I'm surprised my mouthful of sweet tea didn't end up in the next room.


Amanda said...

Well. I was eating a Ritz cracker and there just might be some cracker crumbs sprayed over my hubby laptop. ;)

Love to learn more about your sweet relationships... its like a little glimpse into your sweet heart!


He & Me + 3 said...

That is just too cute. YOur kids are hilarious.

Marley's Mama said...

What a sweet memory!
Love you!

Laura said...

Your kids are so darn cute and funny!! It's awesome you blog about all these things so you can remember them down the road. Hope your week has been good! :)

gianna said...

i just had to come over and see your blog because i read your comment on Amanda's blog about being a child of the 80's, but it didn't really happen until the 90's, i just have to say that was me, TOO! i grew up in the middle of a bunch of fields in rural mn and in 7th and 8th grade i was still listening to psalty! do you know psalty? i gotta hook you up if you don't!

Christy said...

I found you on MckMama's community and enjoyed reading your blog. I can sense your heart for the Lord and love for your kids. And it's fun thinking a few years down the road to what our family will be like, since we just had our third.

gianna said...

okay, i gotta answer your question on my blog about tight rolling my jeans THROUGH the 90's. i did not, but i very clearly remember thinking (and maybe i even said it out loud)in like 1992, "I will NEVER not tight roll my jeans."
We are are too funny!

Amanda said...

Hey!! I was just thinking about you and thought I'd say hi.

I LOVE that some folks have made their way to you and that you are making new friends all over the blogging community. I think everyone can just sense how special you are!

Many blessings-