Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Not Blue or Red

I'm not Republican or Democrat. I'm just an old fashioned American.

I believe in the Declaration of Independence. I believe that we are all created equal. I believe that we should be free from tyranny.

I believe the Constitution was meant to be taken literally. I do not believe it is a living document.

I believe that we are a Republic. We are not a democracy. We do not all get a vote every time an issue is important. That's why I believe it's important to elect good people to vote in our stead.

I believe in freedom of speech. It has been my experience that those who prize it most, say the least. Those who fight for it, do not take it lightly.

I believe that the second amendment is for all people. That is why I am a proud gun owner.

I believe that the office of presidency requires respect. I do not believe that all who have held that office treat it with the respect it deserves.

I believe that no American should bow to another king, another dignitary or foreign official. Too much blood has been shed and too many people have died to give us the freedom to stand on our own two feet.

I believe that America is blessed. I do not believe we are blessed because we deserve it. I believe we are blessed because God has a purpose for our nation.

I believe that there is no such thing as separation of church and state. It isn't in any of our founding documents. Take a look.

I believe that just because I don't like a popular politician, I am not wrong. I have the same rights as those who love that person. And I'm tired of being told to shut up about it.

For eight years those same people were never silent. And I don't plan on being silent either. In fact I plan on talking. And learning. And caring enough about the freedoms that so many have sacrificed to give me and my family. I'm an American. And I'm not ashamed to say I'm proud of that. So I'm going to talk about it.

That's what I believe I'll do.


Meghan said...

Beautiful post. I wouldn't change a thing.

Marley's Mama said...

AMEN... and GO, Beth, GO!!!! Can't wait to hear you talk more about it. We need people who will do that. Love you!

He & Me + 3 said...

Get it out there girl. I think you should talk about it.

Laura said...

Awesome, just awesome! I can't wait to hear more. I was never very interested in politic "stuff" but now that I am getting older and have children I realize how important it truly is!

dani said...

great post.
i have been too much of a weenie to speak up about some of this myself. you are helping to boost my courage.

Amanda said...

And now I would like to nominate my good friend and an amazing wife and mother... BETHANY!!! Can I nominate you for a very important office in your home town if I live very, very far away? Cause I'd like to.

You speak it girl.

I struggle with this issue because I am a child of God before an American I believe... and that is NOT the popular opinion! But I think you have said your opinion so wonderfully here... I am proud to call you friend!

God bless-

Bethany's Mama said...

Just read your post, Bethany, and just wanted to say THAT'S MY GIRL!!! I've always said you'd be a great kitchen-table lobbyist. God's given you a gift in having coherent and logical speech. I'm glad you're not wasting it!