Monday, September 14, 2009

Kid in a Candy Shop.

Yep! That's me. Guess what? My camera does monochrome. And I'm even more in love. I found the setting today over lunch break. The kids eating, I'm reading my manuel (yes, I'm a nerd). So lunch break was a little long today.

Now I just have to get the fine tuning part down. Amanda, want to help a girl out?

I've been playing around in a few different programs so I have yet to figure any of them out. I edited these in Picasa 3.

Becca doing "something silly." Yes, I'm creative in getting my kids to do "something."

Little bit was sleeping after a morning of screaming. I'll have to try to capture her on film later. The peace was blessed. Ty and Becca seemed to enjoy it to. "What about this, Mommy." I'm enjoying these last few "Mommy's" from his lips. They are far to rare these days.

What are you enjoying about life today?

I'm enjoying my kids. My loving husband. And the beautiful fall weather.


Marley's Mama said...

I'm enjoying Coke. :-)

Marley's Mama said...

P.S. If I had monochrome on my camera, I'd NEVER use color again. These pictures are AWESOME!!!! Very classic!
Love you!

bp said...

Today I've enjoyed the cool breeze and being able to open the windows. Also, Caleb is home now and playing with his Gramma before she goes home.

He & Me + 3 said...

Those pictures are gorgeous. Great job editing too. I am enjoying the warm weather. We are finally getting our summer here in September. but I do love the fall.

hadassahrose said...

I'm enjoying having a full tank of ink in my printer (but not for long). :)

Found your blog while hopping from one to another.


Laura said...

I think you're doing just fine!! Those pictures are GREAT! You are obviously having fun with your new toy, that's once I get mine YOU can help ME! :)

I am enjoying the great weather...and a cookie, or two. :)

Crayon Wrangler said...

The camera is good...but your subjects ROCK!! Great pics! (You wanna come tackle my 2 year old?)

I am enjoying the fact that I ate half a pan of brownies because the "baby wanted it" and my husband has finally learned to not say anything about it.

Amanda said...

Girl... I dont know waht you are talking about!! You already exceed my capabilities!!! Simply amazing!!

I kept my manual in my (cough) bathroom for many months. And read it cover to cover! :)

You are doing FANTASTIC!!

God bless-

Laura said...

Hey I was also going to tell you (since you asked) I don't edit ANY of my pictures. Isn't that horrible?? I know they could look so much better but I feel like if I started I just wouldn't quite and I don't know...I guess I don't have a good excuse after all. :) Someday I will find some time and learn how to!

Bethany's Mama said...

I'm glad you're having so much fun with your camera, honey. Another talent among so many...
About Tyler still saying Mommy every once and a while -- well, how long has it been since I've heard Grammy? Now it's just plain GRAM! I must say, I never planned on that one.