Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Because it's funny

Hope is at the "popcorn" stage in verbal development. First a few words, than a few more and now she is going strong. Last night as I sat down to dinner I heard her saying "hot sauce." I may prefer my Mexican food rather bland, but the two men in my house like it hot. Burn your tongue to ashes kind of hot. Eyes watering and spilling over hot.

Becca has followed my lead and I think the boys are determined not to be out numbered in the heat department.

The jokes on them though. She really wanted sour cream.

Hot sauce indeed.


Married Man's Minivan said...

Sounds like Brody would fit in well with the men in your life... bring on the hot sauce

Amanda said...

lol I bet her daddy is proud!!!

Like seriously though. Does Doug ever just stop and think... man I have got an awesome family?

Well. OK... so maybe thats us girls who get all sentimental and stuff. But seriously, you guys are a wonderful family.

I just LOVE YOU!!!!


Laura said...

Awwwww she is SO adorable! I know I say this about every stage, but she is at such a FUN stage! I love when they start talking and getting a little more of a personality and all that...so cute! Move videos, move videos! :)


Marley's Mama said...


He & Me + 3 said...

That is too cute. She is so sweet.