Saturday, January 31, 2009

This week in blessings

It's been another full, fun, frantic and fantastic week. So many ups and downs all crammed into a few short days. As I was looking back on this week,I couldn't decide what to write about. There are many prayer requests. There are many praises. There are many hurts. There are many joys. Following the Biblical example of thinking on praiseworthy things, here are my blessings!

This week my father-in-law and husband talked through the hard decision to put in a breathing devise for my mother-in-law. None of us knew if we made the right decision. None of us knew what the outcome would be. But praise God, we got to see her beautiful smile again. Doug came home from a visit and said she was laughing 'til it hurt. And HUGE praise, today, she didn't even need the ventilator to help her breath!

This week we got a foot of snow. Praise, my kids got to finally go play in some deep, fun, wet snow. The dogs can go run and play and not track nasty muddy paw prints into my house!

This week we were able to take the kids sledding.

Hope's first time down a hill. Snow blasting her face!

Oh my, the snow melting, the shivers. (Although we never captured it, there were smiles!)

Becca went down just as a princess would. Except she ended up going down backwards each time. She must have inherited that from her mother :)

Doug still has a wonderful job for which we daily praise the Lord.

We are praying for my brother-in-law Jim who is fighting cancer. The praise, he has a wonderful doctor who is doing an incredible job balancing quality of life with fighting this horrendous disease. We continue to praise God that Jim is now a believer.

I praise God that we still live in a country where I can write my lists of praises to him. I praise God for our family's health. I praise God for my family, my friends, my church, my home.

I praise God because He is who He says He is. I praise God because I am His. I praise God because He is good. I praise Him because He has forgiven me. I praise Him because His love endures. I praise God because I can trust Him. I praise Him because He allows me to call Him Daddy. I praise Him because He is worthy.

In praise of the Father!

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