Friday, January 23, 2009

What a week!

Wow! First week on the blog and only two posts. I'm going to have to come up with some sort of schedule for myself. Right now blogging kind of feels like I'm talking to myself :) I think I need to insist that a few people leave comments just so I don't feel like I'm losing my mind. Any lurkers? (Megan...not that I'm naming names!)

For anyone who is happening across this blog, I'm a home school mom. I grew up in the denim jumper era, so those are officially banned from my house. Other than that, I'm pretty traditional. I don't believe in school at home. I believe in home school. I really love that the kids and I get to learn about all sorts of things. Today we were talking about water tables. Tyler wanted to know how water gets under the ground. Who knows what will come up next week? Of course we still do the basics (reading, writing, and math), but there is so much flexibility on what we study, when we study and how we study. So much fun! (And at times so much work!)

On the same subject, for the last couple years I have been praying about finding community in the home school arena. I've been part of a couple groups that haven't taken off and am now trying to build on the remnants of those groups. One other homeschool mom and I have been working together to plan some activities. We've had some Mom's Nights, some kids craft days, some library days. So we decided it was time for all the families to get together. It was a blast. The kids played, the adults talked...and ate! What I was hoping and praying would last a couple hours turned into a four hour get together. I am so excited about the opportunities God is opening. One of those is getting to serve and be served by these other women and families in practical everyday ways. I'm excited to see what else God has in store for this group. What else I am to learn from it.

It's amazing to me how sometimes the world seems so huge. I feel like I know so few people in my neighborhood. I pass people at church every week and have never learned their names (In my defense, it is a large church!). Even going back to the small town I used to live in is like visiting a new place. And at other times the world seems so small. One of the husbands at the meeting tonight grew up going to church with Doug's grandparents. My mentor from church also grew up knowing my husband's side of the family (decades before God put us together). I have friends all over the US and some around the world. All that said, I'm excited to make the city I live in a little smaller. It always makes me feel like things are manageable if I can just reach out and hold the hand of someone. Especially a sister in Christ. Especially when we have common goals. So for these wonderful new families, I am thankful.

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You'll get lurkers, just keep lurking other blogs, LOL