Friday, January 30, 2009

This week in photos

Here are my favorite pictures from this week. I hope you enjoy

Okay, so this was not last week. But in case you haven't seen the girl walk....

Tyler and Becca were happy to oblige when Grandma B. asked for some pictures. They happily went to work making Grandma rainbows with lots of color.

Hope shut her finger in the drawer and required her first band-aid. (Look at her right thumb.) While she shed a few tears over the smashed thumb, it was the bandage that really did her in. She just couldn't get the darn thing off!

Over twelve inches of snow this week. The kids were in heaven using their beloved John Deere tractor to move it. This was taken after about 4 inches of snow. After all the snow had fallen they were unable to even move the tractor.

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