Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here's to blogging!

So, if you know me well, you know I've been tossing the idea of starting a blog for a few months. If you don't know me, you now know I procrastinate a little...or a lot! I'm fairly certain most of you reading this know me well and don't need an intro, but it didn't seem right to start a blog without some background. Here it goes...

In my previous life, I could spend hours reading, cooking, gardening, and crocheting. Now, I still love all those things, but being a mom of three obviously leaves less time for those things. Now laundry, cleaning, teaching the kids and spending time with my man take up most my time. But lest I sound like I have it all together, keep reading....

While I would like to be the mom who has it all together with schedules and a clean house it just isn't so. I'm the other one. I'm the one who forgets to give the kids a snack, who doesn't put dinner on the table until 8 or later in the spring because I can't leave the garden. I'm also the one who leaves the house without checking to make sure the kids coats are zipped or shoes are on the right feet. I always carry wipes (except when I forget the diaper bag) because there is sure to be faces that need the toothpaste chiseled off when we get where we're going(ten minutes late).

And there is the matter of the house. We bought a fixer- upper. And we're doing it all ourselves. Downside...there's always something to be done. Upside...I have a great excuse for the house never looking quite clean! Seriously though, Doug and I love our project. It brings out the creative side in us. It's also great marriage therapy. Stick two people in a room that you want done and you've got to talk, got to agree (eventually), got to just get it done!

Speaking of my other half, he's amazing. He's a fabulous daddy, a great husband, wonderful handyman, hard worker and very selfless. I thank God for giving him to me everyday!

And that's the short story of me and mine!

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