Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Fun

We did nothing earth moving last weekend. Nothing really too noteworthy. Which may explain why I'm only now posting about it.

We spent some time with Doug's grandparents again. Fun times. Not only did we get to hang out with them, Doug's cousins came with their three week old baby. Wow, did I forget how quickly they grow. It was yesterday and forever ago Hope was that little.
She is such a teeny tiny little thing that I felt like I would break her. Not that I didn't wash my hands and grab her before anyone else could. :)

Don't think for a minute Tyler escaped the camera. He was off doing manly-man stuff with Daddy, Grandpa D and Uncle Brian when I took pictures of the girls. The only pictures I got of him were when he was holding the new baby. I forgot to get permission to post pictures of her beautiful face here, but toes are okay right?

I did get the chance to take a few pictures of my gorgeous girls. I'm biased, I know. I'm also a little more than a teensy bit proud of the girls God has blessed us with.

Nothing exciting, just wonderfully fulfilling.


Marley's Mama said...

These photos are beautiful, Beth! And after seeing the foot photo, I need you to take Marley and my foot photo for the collection (to those of you who are not family, it sounds weird, but it's a mommy/daughter thing). Wow, not only are you a talented writer but also a talented photographer! That belongs in a magazine! Lucky me that you're my sister! BTW, I showed Jim your last post and he had a good laugh. :-)

Love you!

bp said...

Sounds like a wonderfully enjoyable time! I love the pictures of the little toes.

Thanks for your input on the question today. that's a great idea to add the memory verse to the nightly routine. I have tried various ways to do a memory verse but not that so thanks for the idea!

Laura said...

I LOVE baby toes, they are so precious! And your girls are also adorable...the picture of the two of them is perfect!

"Wonderfully fulfilling" - Love it! :)

Amanda said...

AMAZING pictures...I love those precious little toes... you are so talented and blessed and, well, BLessed!!! lol

Prayers for you dear sister in Christ!