Monday, July 6, 2009

Next, please.

Do you ever feel like you're trying to run retail store during the Christmas season? By yourself?

There has been such a whirlwind of activity it feels that way in our house. Tyler went and came home from camp. He had a great time and was not harmed in anyway. Which is good. Because you know the mama rule. Harm my child, I harm you. Oh, I just made that up?

Becca and I had fun with "princess camp." She even told me late on Saturday. "Mama, even if you have to give me a consequence, it will still be a good day. You've been so nice to me all day." Hmm, I wonder what a normal day looks like. Actually, I think I'll pass getting her take on that one.

Hope, is well, Hope. If you know us,'nough said. If you don't, that means she's gotten a bit of a head start on the princess identity. Combine that with teething, lack of regular naps, and lots of road time and she fits right in with the season. A regular little firecracker with the added benefit of never knowing when or where she might decide to explode at.

Along with the travel time to take Ty to and from camp (about an hour and a half away), we also went out to my old hometown. My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. All six of us kids were home, several old friend, and lots of family came out to make the party a fun one. It was so much fun to see cousins I haven't seen since my wedding, aunts and uncles I hadn't seen in a year or more, friends that I too seldom get to catch up with. (One of my cousins even let me "play" with his Nikon DSLR. So much fun. So much envy to pray about!)

The fireworks were rained out on the fourth, so it worked out well to go see them with one of my sisters, two of my brothers, and my parents. Sitting on the golf course in my old hometown, seeing more people I hadn't seen in years, and watching cousins play was a wonderful way to end the day.

All of these things were so much fun. It was a great chance to "take a break" from the heaviness that surrounds us daily. It's times like these that I'm reminded that God never gives us more than we can handle. He is growing us toward His perfect plan for our lives.


Laura said...

Bethany, you're so awesome! I'm so glad that your family has had a little "break" and have been just enjoying life. SO glad camp went well because your mama rule is alive and kickin! :) I hope you all get many more fun and relaxing days this summer, you deserve it!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Marley's Mama said...

It WAS fun, wasn't it?
Love you!

Amanda said...

Praise God for the momentary relief on your precious heart...

I am so praying for you guys!!

God bless-