Monday, July 13, 2009

Randomly Written Ramblings

Guess who called during dinner Saturday night? If you picked Mom #2, you are correct. After 12 days of not responding Mom called us during dinner and was able to talk to our whole family. Needless to say, as we were unprepared for the call, we were/are all shocked. We got to visit face to face with her Sunday and she is herself in many ways. Including telling Doug to "bite me" when he tried to make her laugh. His take on it, "at least she can still be a smart alec." That's the mom we know and love. She is still not doing well, but each of these times with her is a precious gift.


We are on day six of Hope being sick. On and off fevers. Today I got one of the pleasures of a sick toddler. I got to rock her to sleep for the first time in months. She is growing so fast. I miss the baby she was, but love who she is becoming. Last night she turned to look at Daddy after being told "no touch" and said solemnly "NO." Over and over and over again. I'm trying to stay positive and think she was reiterating Daddy's point, but I think she was telling him off. Just a hunch.

At camp Tyler learned about geodes. We had talked about them, he's seen them, we've smashed them, but something happened at camp to make him fall in love with them. Today I have found him throwing geodes on the sidewalk to try and break them open. He succeeded and we had a little (needed) lesson on rock breaking safety. Because there is a right way to break rocks....isn't there?


We have been on a bit of a buying spree lately. It seems like when one thing needs replaced everything else that is hanging on decides to give up too.. We found a new van to replace Chitty and have moved on to the truck. We traded Doug's '95 Silverado for a '95 Tahoe.

A Tahoe with about 80,000 fewer miles than his truck.

It's actually rather poetic. Doug sold his '93 Blazer whom he named Bandit in order to be able to afford coming to see me when we were dating. Although it's not Bandit, it is another SUV for him to love. Happy trails, Babe!


Last night Becca beat Ty in a breath holding contest. (I found out about it later.) When telling Grampa about it, Ty declared he was "close". It only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Ouch, it hurts to have a younger sis beat you at ANYTHING!


Lastly, I know I've been short on pictures so I'll try to put some up soon. With all the staying at home with a sick baby, I'm a little low on inspiration. Tell me what your doing to stay busy this summer. I'm in need of some fresh ideas.

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Marley's Mama said...

"Bite me"- I'm still laughing! And geodes- remember when we were kids and we thought those were so cool? Ugly on the outside, with a treasure on the inside? A lot of things in life are that way, aren't they? We just have to be able to beat the living crap out of the rough exterior the find the good stuff inside (beat the living crap safely, of course!). And a breath holding contest. I don't know if you remember, but we used to do that as kids too. I never won. I hope that my little Hoppy Toad is feeling better soon! Marley is still oozing snot and slobber.
Love you!