Thursday, July 2, 2009

Before and After

I have been planning for while Ty was away at camp to have some "girl time" with Becca. She is all about the princess world as every five year girl should be. As I was planning our "princess camp" I started thinking. What kind of life am I portraying marriage and motherhood to be?

To be honest most days, I probably come across as the reverse Cinderella story. Nice easy life, met prince, turned into maid.

It's not that that is how I view my life, but I wonder if that's how it comes across to my little girl. I spend my days cooking, folding laundry and cleaning. I all too seldom take the time to enjoy the wonders of the day with my little princess. I forget to dance, sing, and dress up just for the fun of it.

So today, as we sat side by side on the edge of the tub, soaking our feet and doing pedicures together, I took the time to enjoy the little things with her. We painted nails. We put on those little sticker things. I intoduced her to the concept of top coating the polish to make it last longer.

We watched movies and ate pizza. We read Bible stories from Shelia Walshes "God's Little Princess Devotional Bible." Tomorrow we are doing crafts. Becca informed me that princesses eat ice cream with fruit loops for breakfast.

I'm enjoying this fairytale weekend. I'm off for a slumber party now. I hope all you moms with little girls get to have a princess camp sometime. It's been a nice refresher course in my princess status. After all, we are daughters of the King!


Amanda said...

You just bless my heart with your views on things!

I am so excited to one day have tea with my daughter. Seems silly, but I just can't wait for that relationship to unfold... I have been thinking about writing about it on my blog... after reading this I think I had better get going!! I don't want to miss a moment!

God bless-

Kristin said...

It is such a wonderful thing to have a daughter. I have one sandwiched between 3 sons, and while I love all my children, there is a special bond with my little girl!

Marley's Mama said...

I can't wait until Marley is old enough to do this kind of stuff! Right now I have to content myself with sneaking in clipping her fingernails while she's asleep!
:-) I know Becca had a good time- I saw the aftermath of Princess Camp.
Love you!