Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Through Tyler's Eyes

The Bishop house is very busy right now. Lots of daily stuff going on. Lots of other stuff getting mixed in. Tyler was working on setting the table a few nights ago and summed up it up this way.

Tyler: "Mommy, there is just so much going on right now."

Me: "What do you mean?"

Tyler: "Well, Grandma is in the hospital. Uncle Jim has to start chemo again. And I heard you say gas prices are up again. It's JUST TOO MUCH!"

I knew the first two things occupied his mind, but that last one blew me away. Ty is quite the little prayer warrior, but future economic analyst...who knew?


Laura said...

What a sweet boy!
Your family is in my prayers!

Lindsey said...

Funny! How cute!

Amanda said...

How cute is that... guess they really do listen to everything we say!

God bless!