Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She's Awake!

Praise God for His many mercies. Right now, it is our gain!!!!

After nearly a week, Mom #2 woke. She has been steadily gaining ground after the doctors altered some of her medication. Today, she was able to talk. She is able to respond to questions with appropriate answers. So, for now, we are enjoying a little more time with her. (Well, technically, I soon will be. I haven't seen her since she has been awake.)

I just wanted to update this very quickly as I know many of you have prayed. While we were at peace with however the Lord answered those prayers, this is certainly a time for celebration. Thank you for your prayers. We are so very grateful.



Amanda said...

Great news Bethany... Praise Him!

God bless-

Jeri said...

Bless you...we're praying...it is so hard but as you posted whether you know it or not, there's beauty EVERYWHERE even in painful moments.

Love you all,

JanMary said...

Thanks for visiting, and saying such nice things :)

Hugs and prayers for your mother-in-law.