Friday, June 19, 2009

Steamy, Sticky, Sweaty...Aaahh

It's hot. Open the door, feels like a steam room hot. Thankfully I found this a few day ago when I was visiting a friend. Beautiful, life saving cool water. Not that I'd actually recomend drinking it of course. One of the nice features of this particular park was they had two play structures nearby so there was more to play in besides the sprinklers.

Hope fell asleep on the way up there and was very hesitant at first. I was rather surprised given how much she loves to play in the sprinkler. Maybe her reserved attitude had more to do with the kids that kept knocking her down.

Becca loved the water, but was way more excited to find low monkey bars. We typically don't let her try these on her own. For those of you who don't know her history, before age four she had broken all four bones in her forearms. She took right off on these and made it all the way across.

Ty loved running from the sprinklers to the play structures. It was nice he took the time to hang out with both his sisters too. He loved the "big" kid play structure. It had lots of fun and challenging activites. The monkey bars went around in a circle or the bars were staggered at different heights. It's fun to see what new things they come out with.

It was nice to be out and about after so much rain lately. It was really nice to find such a wonderful place to play with the kids...for freeeeeeee! (If you watch Bedtime Stories, you'll get that!)


Amanda said...

Looks amazing!!! Glad everyone has do much fun!


Marley's Mama said...

One of the upsides of living in a big town! I wish we had something like this near us. Great pics!
Love you!