Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rainy Days

It's raining. It's been doing that lot here lately. Not that that is all bad, my garden loves it. Our yard loves it. The farmers love it. It's been a good rain for all that. Little bit of rain here, little bit of rain there. Just enough rain to DRIVE ME CRAZY!


(Thanks for asking.)

With two dogs, three kids, a sandbox, a yard that has been torn up by the previously mentioned two dogs, a basement that leaks, and yes my dogs that track stuff in, I'm tired of the mess. Mud. Wet sand. Mud. Grass clippings. Mud. Muddy, sandy, grassy footprints all over the upstairs and pooling water downstairs. At one point last week, I think there was a definite current to the water in our basement.

Ahh, the joys of home ownership. (Ashley, you may want to be sure David doesn't read this. That is if you still want a house after reading this.)

So when I made the brilliant decision to have the kids lay down yesterday, on a nice dry day, it didn't occur to me to check the weather and see if it would be raining today.

It is.

And they took 2+ hour naps yesterday. For the first time in a LONG time. Yep, brilliant move! Full of energy and raring to go. That's the mood in our house today. At least if you're under the age of 7 (and a half).

So today, I'm beating the rain. I grabbed my camera and decided to see how close I could come to a macro setting. While I may not have my dream camera, this picture made my day a little brighter. Bring on the rain!


Amanda said...

FANTASTIC!!! What a beautiful picture! Man. You are talented!

God bless-

Laura said...

Awesome picture!! We have had a lot of rain too and it IS nice but I totally feel ya...a break would be great. I hate being "stuck" in the house! :)

JanMary said...

Love the pic.

We are well used to rain here in N Ireland, but have had some lovely sunny weather here recently. This morning it was REALLY wet, but amazingly we have warm sunshine and blue skies now!

You asked about my link with PND (PPD) - I had my own journey through it 4 years ago, so support it in anyway I can. Am not specifically involved in any of those charities but know many who are.