Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today I sat in church and was reminded again of what a privileged nation I get to live in. I am a citizen of a country founded on moral ground. Solid ground. Principals that are backed by the word of God. The founding documents of our nation were designed for a country whose citizens took responsibility for themselves. Citizens who saw the need to care for themselves and others, not looking to the government or "somebody else" to care for our needs. "Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." (John Adams)

It is at times like these - when our nation is facing great change, when our nation is undergoing great transformation - that I love to look back at the words of our founding fathers. People came and come here because they have a chance to grow. A chance to make something of themselves. There are many nations in our world where people can go for a handout. Ours was not one of them. It is becoming one. It makes me sad. It's not that I believe that helping others is wrong. There is much good in church run food pantries. There is much benefit in the service the American Red Cross and Salvation Army provide. There is even some merit in government subsidies. But the problem begins when we expect our government to hand out_______. Fill in the blank. The question anymore seems to be less what do we ask for and more what have we not asked our government to provide. Instead of allowing its people to lean on God and trust in His provision, it inspires us to lean on our government and trust in its provision.

This weekend as I remember those who gave their lives, I am proud to be an American. I'm proud to be granddaughter to an Army veteran. I'm proud to be sister of an Air Force JAG. I'm proud to be daughter-in-law to a Navy veteran. I'm proud of all the friends, uncles, cousins who have served. I'm proud of all the men and woman who are serving. I want to not take lightly that it was not so long ago freedom of religion was something that was dreamed of. It was not long ago that right of free speech, press, assembly and bearing arms was just a dream. Some of my ancestors paid the ultimate price. Some of yours may have too.

So, as I remember, I give thanks. Thanks to God. Thanks to those who have served. Thank you to those who are. Thank you to the families who make the sacrifices. My family will not forget.


Laura said...

Very well put, I couldn't agree more! My family will also not forget.
Thanks to God.

Leah said...

Thanks for such a heart-felt post. We need that!! MckMama skipped the Not Me's this week, but you can still play along with Toot Your Horn Tuesday! Come on by, and share some more.

Amanda said...

Well said dear Bethany. I love your words and the thought and consideration behind them!!

You are a great writer BTW!

God bless-