Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me!

So, I kind of forgot it was Monday. The same way I kind of forgot all the stupid funny things that happened in our house last week. And I was just going to let it slide and post next week...but, my friend Jeri posted the most hilarious Not me! I've seen in awhile. And I thought just out of fairness to her (since you all should really click on her link and check it out) I'd share my moment(s) of the week with you. So, here it is!

This week I did not spend much time debating about whether or not to count a end of school picnic with the other homeschooling families as a school day. It would be just wrong of me to think that since the public schools do it, I can. And it's not me, who's still trying to decide. No way.

It was not me who went out with some women to a nice restaurant for a wrap up committee meeting and had to use the women's room. And that would not be notable because I did not slip and almost fall on my way there. Had that happened, I would not have elbowed another patron from the restaurant in the back to keep myself from totally wiping out. I would have not just uttered a quick apology and walked away. Nor would I walk back to my table and not mention a thing about it. How embarrassing would that be. So glad that did NOT happen. So thankful I'm always graceful...even on slick floors in spiky heels.

It was not me who denied my child the right to hurry to the potty and ended up with a mess on the floor in my van. I would never say "you just went 10 minutes ago" and tell the child to wait. That would NEVER happen.

I did NOT decide Saturday morning was a good time to ask my husband to build a closet. If I had, I would never have agreed (or encouraged him) to him taking two children along to get the supplies. And had he, I would not have called and asked him to bring me home a coke. If I had, he would not have told me he couldn't turn around because he had drywall in the back and it was raining and then show up...coke in hand. I do Not have one of the all time great husbands.

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Laura said...

Those darn heels, I hate when I almost wipe out in public! (Especially in front of the husband who doesn't get "heels" and gives me the "I told you so" look!) :) Good Not Me's, glad you shared! Have a great week!

Marley's Mama said...

Doug is sweet, that's for sure. And from a public educator- IT'S OK TO USE THE PICNIC AS A SCHOOL DAY!!! We go to the zoo every year on the second to last day of school. Guess what? IT COUNTS!!!
Love ya!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you do have a pretty awesome hubby!!! Sorry about the whole 'wiping out' thing. If I had been there I am sure I would have laughed at you. I mean with.


God bless-