Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Top Chef

Today marked a milestone in my young son's life. Today he entered into a new arena where the steaks are high, or at least his eggs are.

My son, lover of eggs, and all other good food, fixed scrambled eggs for the first time. With only two 'oops' moments, he did quite well. What were those moments you ask?
Moment 1: "Mommy I cracked the egg into the sink and now it's gone."
Moment 2: "How much milk, Mommy. Is this too much (the milk still pouring)."

But all in all he was quite happy his eggs were still appropriately yellow (in spite of the high milk to egg ratio) and we had plenty of eggs to replace the one lost down the disposal. For the first time (in hot lunch history) I didn't have to tell Tyler lunch was ready. Seeing how my last post was all pictures you would think I could have taken a few today. But, sadly, I didn't.

Becca, not to be outdone, made her own PB&J. I was so proud. She even went a got a spoon to get out the jelly. No peanut butter in her jelly thankyouverymuch!

Now, if someone would just teach them to turn their clothes right side out before the put them in the laundry basket....

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for Tyler and Becca! You're growing up so fast! I love you!
~Aunt Meg