Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tyler

My firstborn is now seven. Seven! It really doesn't seem possible that it has been seven years since they laid that beautiful,screaming boy in my arms.

Do you mind if I brag for a minute? Thanks.

Tyler is such a blessing to our family. He has a heart for the Lord and loves to help serve people. He loves Sunday school, loves to read Bible stories. From the time he was three, he would memorize complete stories from the children's Bible. My favorite was when I was disciplining him on day. I told him the Bible says that children should obey their parents. He leaned against the kitchen table looked me straight in the eye and said, "Yes, Mommy, I know. The Bible also says, 'For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.'"
Tyler listening to the Christmas story two years ago.

Yes, that is MY son. (Maybe I should tell you a story about when he was his father's son.... Maybe not.)

Tyler has so much energy, so much curiosity and such a desire to succeed that it sometimes makes me wonder why God picked me to be his mom. Being his mom has pushed me to new places. He makes me work hard, think hard, and best of all love hard.

He has so much compassion for people who are hurting. And he is not afraid to act on it. He wants to help and often finds creative ways to do it.

He is also ALL BOY. He loves hunting with Daddy (which at this point consists of sitting in a tree stand for one hour asking if it's a deer he hears. Which is followed by breakfast and hot chocolate.) He loves to shoot his air soft guns in the back yard or when we head out to my parents, shoot 'real' guns. His favorite things are knives, guns, tomahawks, knives and guns. Maybe not in that order.

He loves to play good guy/ bad guy. We pray God's protection over Becca when she has to be the bad guy.

I don't understand this boy in my house. I don't pretend to. But, oh my word, do I love him. I cannot imagine my life without this precious boy. He's growing up so fast and my heart isn't ready. I watch him head off to the woods with Daddy and my heart is both proud and hurting all at the same time. It wasn't long ago he didn't want to be without me by his side and now he wants 'boy time.' I'm so thankful to watch him follow the path God has for him.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy. I'm so proud of you!


Laura said...

He is so adorable and sounds like the sweetest boy ever, you are blessed for sure! It's so much fun watching kids grow up but it's so hard too. I hope he had a wonderful birthday!

Amanda said...

This blessed me greatly... Happy Belated Birthday to a very specail young man!!!

God bless-