Monday, April 13, 2009

Please Pray

I have a couple prayer requests I would like to past on.

First, would you pray for my sister Megan and her husband Jim? They are struggling with illness after illness. Jim has very widespread cancer, and has been through several rounds of chemo and radiation. The cancer is in check for now, but we are still praying for a miracle healing. As a result of the treatment, his immune system is not working well. Coupling that with their baby girl fighting several rounds fo the flu and colds, they are just worn out. Please pray for healing and for their bodies to gain strength.

Second, There is a couple that my husband has been friends with for years. Andy and Cari grew up in the same church as Doug. While I wish I could call them my friends, truth is our paths cross very rarely. They have always been a fun, loving couple to be around.

This past fall their daughter Caden died very suddenly. The grace and faith they have shown since then amazes me. Just a few short weeks after Caden's passing, they learned they were pregnant again. I cannot imagine having to balance that kind of joy and grief. Through it all, they continue to praise the Lord.

Last week, Andy had a seizure. At the hospital tests were run and he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. While it is most likely not malignant, they needed to remove it. Andy's surgery was last Friday. The surgery was a success, but the recovery is taking longer than expected.

Would you please pray for a speedy healing for Andy and peace and rest for Cari. They are resting in God's grace through this all, but I know they appreciate all the prayers they can get. If you want to check out their story -and Cari's absolutely hilarious and heart wrenching writing- go here.


Amanda said...

Wow. I would be more then happy to pray for these folks... thak you for getting the word out.

Stop by Raindrops and Rainbows...

She takes prayer requests and has more readers...

God bless-

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Beth. The more prayers, the better.
Love you!