Monday, August 24, 2009

Upon hearing squabbling in Tyler's room, I went to investigate.

Tyler: "Hope's pushing cars on the top of my garage."

Me: "Tyler, Hope cannot hurt your garage."

Tyler: "But, Mom, she'll take the paint off it."

Me: "She can't do that, besides it's already been colored on."

Tyler: "I didn't do it."

Me: "I know you didn't do all of it."

Tyler: "Well, an(unnamed cousin) did the pink, and I certainly didn't enjoy that."

Moral, you can color on a my son's toys. Just don't use pink.


Amanda said...

I think if I ever hear my kids say, "And I certainly didn't enjoy that.." I will just be so thrilled they put together a cohesive and thought out sentence I will forget the point!

You make me smile.


He & Me + 3 said...

That was too funny. Cracking up at his big words.

Laura said...

Hehe, that kid cracks me up! Definitely do NOT use pink!! :)

Marley's Mama said...

I can just hear him... "and I certainly didn't enjoy that." Oh Tyler, what do you say to that?
Love you!