Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quarantine and Other Randomness

***The link to Amanda's blog now works. Go check her out for some fun. ***
My baby is sick. And oh how I wish it were a cold or some other malady that I know how to cope with. What she's got isn't in my book of been there done that, until know.

Anyone know anything about hand foot and mouth?

Me neither until this week. I've learned quite a bit. But for now I'll leave the trivia games to Amanda. Until further notice we are staying home and keeping to our germy selves. If you hear of a stay at home mom landing in the asylum, it's probably me.


Becca to Tyler "I know something faster than God."

Tyler horrified "Nothing is faster than God."

Becca smugly "Yes-huh"
Tyler certainly "No there is nothing faster than God."

Becca laughing "It's just as fast as God if not faster."

Tyler curiously "What is it."

Becca in the highest voice she can attain "Jeeesus"

Tyler "Well, that is God, they're both the same."

Becca" But still separate."

--Ensuing fight about the Trinity---

It's so good to see Bible class paying off.


Alexis said...

That's too cute! At least they're talking about God.

Marley's Mama said...

And I can see that argument going on for a LONG time...
Love you

CC said...

Beth its not all that bad.We had it go through the daycare where i work.Dont panic.Its also called 5th desease which of course sounds scarier yet.It is contagious but not really to adults.Adults can be carriers though to other kids.It is however,as i just recently found out,dangerious to pregnant women.(you cant get it but the unborn baby can and could die from it )Anyhow it is not a new illness just not a well known one.It used to be called infintago i believe and now it has the even scarier names above.Just check it out on the internet under 5th desease.

April said...

Hi There!
I came over from looking at christian moms who homeschool. I have been called to homeschool my 2 kids (but right now they are 4 and 3)There is not much support within our family so as I'm seeking God in this also others who have done this. Already family thinks we are weird but thats ok. I'm more concerned about being obedient to our Lord. I wondered if you have any suggestions for starting out? Any help would be appreciated. I too blog. It is
Oh and I love how your children are learning about the Trinity. This post is priceless. Thanks for sharing! It's a pleasure meeting another sister in Christ. Also praying for your little one.

God Bless,

Amanda said...

What is going on??? I am now terrified of this!!! There is a disease out there that can ultimately drive me MORE crazy???

I think I missed the point.

I will be praying for your little ones... what a bummer to be ill in the summer!! :(

Blessings to you all~

P.S. I had to click the link that said Amanda to see if it was me, and Whoooo Hoooooo! it totally is... but I think its a wrong link cause it doesn't go anywhere. If your trying to reach my blog its THANK YOU for thinking of including me in your posts... this might be the closest I get to being in a post by an AWESOME writer! :)

Laura said...

OH poor baby girl! I had NO idea what that was either until last spring when Alexa got it. And although it's not ALL that bad it's definitely NOT fun! I know Alexa felt miserable, she couldn't eat her mouth hurt so bad and she just cried! :( On the good side it only lasted a couple of days and she was totally back to her normal self and also there was no puking all over, that's always a plus too right!?! I hope it passes soon!! Now go cuddle that sweet little thing and give her lots of mommy kisses...that's is always the best medicine right! :)

Meghan said...

This Trinity argument is cracking me up! I guess there are worse arguments they could be having!

Funny how deep kids can be. After the conclusion of Bible school, my 9 yr old boy started asking about eternal life. And then about how in "h-e-l-l"(he wouldnt even say the word! I thought that was funny, too!) you are away from God forever, and hungry forver, and burning forever, and thirsty isn't that kind of like eternal life too? but just a bad life?

Deep. I tried to explain that it was like eternal death, but he wasn't buying it! He said the teacher told him that death would be relief.

Found you through MckMama's forum. Loved your favorite firsts post!