Monday, August 24, 2009

I Need Some Help.

No, not that kind. I may not always be fully sane, but most times there's still some sanity there.

The baby toes picture in the last post was a desperation shot. I tried and tried to get some cute pictures of my niece. The kind where it's perfectly framed, the lighting is right, her expression right. Marley was about a cute as a baby gets, but things on my end of it were pretty much wrong. See.

Even though it's not perfect, I love this one. Isn't she too cute!
Here's what I need to know. How do you go about getting great shots of other people's kids. I've seen a lot of your blogs and know you all do some pretty amazing stuff. And I'd kind of like to move from toe shots up to beautiful face shots. It will make it so much easier to decipher all those pictures in a few years if I don't have to say, "and who's toes were those?"


Marley's Mama said...

It would probably help if my daughter sat still for one millisecond of her busy little life! Don't beat yourself up, Beth! I think you did a fine job! Love you!

Laura said...

Oh my is she a that curly hair!! I think the pictures are great! It's hard getting good pictures of young kids, they just don't seem to cooperate very well. :) I just keep clicking, like serioulsy take hundreds of pictures, and then cross my fingers that one or two come out good! :)

Amanda said...

LIsten, I think the pictures you have posted here are SO wonderful!! I love YOUR perspective.

And thats not any small thing... when you think about 'photographers' that you like... what do you like about them? That they look like what everyone else is doing or that they are so fun and new and unique and pretty??

YOU DO THAT!! Take pictures with YOUR perspective...cause no one else can do that.

I already think you are so talented... so dont let photography stress you out. Let is be a joy and a glimpse into your sweet sweet soul!


He & Me + 3 said...

I love those shots you got. I think they turned out great. Just keep shooting. It is digital, so you can always delete. I take a ton and then go through later. The more you take the better your chances to get that perfect shot. Having someone else there to grab their attention in the direction you want is usually helpful too.