Friday, August 28, 2009

All Things School.

Week 3 already. Wow this year is flying by.

Or not.

But we are getting in a routine. We start school. Hope prays with us and then screams off and on for the next two hours of morning school. Tyler puts his fingers in his ears. Becca beats her pencil against the table and stares off trying to concentrate on that word in the sky.....

Oh, wait. That was only one day.

It has been quite different doing school with a toddler on the prowl. One day before we have finished she smells rather strongly of Pleasures by Este Lauder. Other days, the kids school work is scribbled on. Or there's the day where she has bits of playdough in her hair and on her face. It's so educational . Right?
I have learned that coloring, music and blocks will keep her busy for 10 minute segments before I need to press the toddler reset button.

Teaching two has presented new challenges as well. Becca is a self-motivated learner. She does great with worksheet after worksheet. Which is great because Ty is a social learner. Notice the body language here. One is totally engrossed in her work. The other is trying to peek out of the corner of his eyer.

It is so much fun to watch how they are so different in every aspect. Ty learns by asking questions, touching, taking apart things so he can see how they work. Becca quietly observes, listens closely, pays attention to details that I sometimes even miss.

Three down, thirty-three to go.


He & Me + 3 said...

They are all so cute.

Laura said...

I don't know HOW you teach school with a toddler around!! I can't even go to the bathroom these days without someone on my lap! :)

Amanda said...

I am learning a lot from you... not just in how you teach...but in how you observe. You are one smart cookie!

KNow how I let my toddler entertain himself yesterday as I baked 4 loaves of bread? He took out his Handy Manny hammer and hammered chalk to a pulp.

Big Mess.

At LEAST 30 minutes of entertainment.

Did I mention BIG mess??


Amanda said...

How do doing girl??? I'm SOOO excited to see what camera you end up with!!!

Kids feeling ok? Hows MIL??


Meghan said...

Hey! You have to copy the pic as a pic file, and then pload the pic. You copy/paste the words about the inspring, bewitching, amusing.....

And then award your own favorite blogs!!