Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Small Story

It all began when good little children are going to bed. But instead of being tucked into bed, we tucked our children into car seats. And drove. All. Night. Long.
Doug after driving most of  the night.

In the morning, the sun came up and the children were surprisingly happy. (The 5 adults counted their blessings.)

Even the baby was happy. Can you guess how many hours of prayer went into this trip?
The two big kids were happy to be out of the van and riding with Grammy and Papaw, so unfortunately there are no travel pictures of them.

We soon arrived at our familiar destination and found a wonderful surprise. The kids were elated to find this.


And so were the parents. The kids ran off some  a lot of energy. 

Breeley sat in sand for the first time. 
She eventually warmed up to the idea and gave me a grin. And then went to work.
And then tasted it.
After a quick clean up she went to join Grammy and Papaw and "the boys" as they are known on the swing.
Then we headed down to the beach for a quick run. This beach was a little muddy and not so much sandy so we headed out rather quickly.

We heard from the locals that a refurbished ship was in town and headed off for a tour. Ate lunch at a local (wonderful) Mexican restaurant, got some groceries and headed toward our rental home. That night some sleepy eyed kids watched a movie. The grownups unpacked and cleaned up dinner.

The day ended with  a beautiful sunset. And soft beds.
The days since have been filled with sun and sand. Wind and waves. Beautiful sunrises (not that I've seen them) and beautiful sunsets. Moonlight shining on the waves. Sandcastles and shell collecting. 

Today I'm sitting on the couch. Watching the waves crash, the porch swing sway in the breeze and the clouds play peek-a-boo with the sun. I'm so grateful to be in this beautiful place with some of the ones I love best.


Brandi said...

YAY! :) Have fun!

Tiffany said...

Ohmygoodness! I am so jealous! I want warm beach weather! And I am sincerely impressed that your hubby can drive through the night - mine would have been snoring in the passenger seat by 9PM. :)

Praying you have an amazing getaway!

Laura said...

I'm jealous too, but I am SO glad you are enjoying all your family time (AND that everything went so smoothly on the way down!) The pictures of Breeley are so sweet, what a happy little girl she is.

How long are you staying??

He & Me + 3 said...

Sounds awesome my friend!