Thursday, March 24, 2011

The P.S. Part of Our Vacation

Our family trip to Florida was capped off by a little extra vacation with family in Alabama. Let me just say Southern Hospitality is not a myth. :) The time we spent there was the perfect spot to rest after our vacation! The kids were spoiled rotten (Thanks so much for loving on them!) and Doug and I had a wonderful time catching up and enjoying watching our kids make new family memories.

It didn't take Hope long to find this plant stand and decide it was her personal drum. We were intermittently serenaded throughout the day with songs like "Jesus Loves Me" and "The Farmer in the Dell". As long as she had "M's" attention she kept singing.

They even had a bike that Ty and Becca were going to take turns riding. Until Tyler realized that "K" was willing to throw the football. Be seen and possibly photographed riding a pink bike...throw the football. What's an almost nine year old boy to do?

The football play continued later as Daddy laid out the "play" on his hand and they tried their best to learn the art of running routes.

Meanwhile Hope was enamored with the newly filled bird bath. She "helped" by putting all the rocks in and then washing them repeatedly.

Later Doug was throwing the football while Ty tried to crab walk and catch the ball, Becca and Hope got "K" involved in a game of "house".

This naturally led to a fire in the chiminea which had to be followed with marshmallows.

Breeley was ready to be tucked in, but she held out for a little while around the fire.

I have never seen Ty, Becca and Hope fall asleep so fast. Thanks, K & M for such a wonderful day.


Tiffany said...

What a blessing family is! So glad you got that sweet time. And I am totally giggling at the football plays - that would be my hubby with baseball!

Brandi said...

It sounds like a very relaxing trip! So glad y'all had a great time. :)

Laura said...

How wonderful you were able to stop and visit with family. It looks so nice and WARM there! :) Hope is such a sweet pea, she's definitely at that busy age and exploring everything, isn't she!? :)