Sunday, May 23, 2010

Play Time

I am finally getting around to the pictures on my camera!
It seems a though a bear has moved into our house. At least from my perspective. It's definitely female. About 5'4" and rather large around the middle. :)

Going through these pictures has been good for me. Sometime I feel like the only thing I get done successfully has no real meaning. Then I get grouchy and feel like the worst mom ever. Looking at the pictures from the last few weeks was fun. It reminded me of why we laugh so much. And why my kids still want to hug me at night. Maybe the bear is bigger in my mind then in reality. :)

The end of the school year was so much fun. The last day we had gorgeous weather. Doug brought home some water balloons and the kids had a blast. They never actually got a direct hit, but they had fun trying.

Hope never threw a balloon, but she loved and hugged the ONE she held for about twenty minutes.

We made a cake to celebrate their hard work. The kids had a blast putting sprinkles on it. I was trying so hard not to laugh at their deep concentration. They wanted to have an equal number of each color of sprinkles on the cake. I think more sprinkles rolled off the cake than ended up on top. :)

Ignore the pile of outgrown clothes on the piano behind them. It makes me sad to see how much they have outgrown this year. *sniff *sniff*
Of course pregnancy has nothing to do with my sentimentality

Becca has been begging me to get her hair cut at a "real" place. So far, only Mom or I have cut it. I told her we would go get our hair cut soon.

We headed out last week for some girl time. It was fun to watch her be so excited.

Bubbles are always good for a laugh. I love how everyone had so much fun with these.Thanks Dad B. for these massive bubble blowers! They made a rather gloomy day so much fun. Tyler and Doug were so intent on getting HUGE bubbles to come off the wand without breaking. Becca and Hope just wanted to chase them down. The first picture of Ty holding Hope away from the bubble makes me laugh.

Tomorrow I will post some more pictures. Including a baby bump one for Laura. :)


He & Me + 3 said...

Yeah a post. You have been so wonder you haven't been posting. Love the cake decorating concentration. Cute.
Those bubbles look awesome. WE need to get out and play with ours too. Fun.
Hope you are feeling well and can't wait to see that baby bump:)

Laura said...

You have been having lots of fun over there! I remember playing with water balloons when I was little, I loved them. Hope carrying around her little balloon is so cute. I loved that Becca wanted to go to a "real" place to get her hair cut, glad you got out for some girl time.
I can NOT wait to see the belly! I bet you look so cute! I also can't believe how close it's getting for the big day, YAY! :)

Brandi said...

Oh girl, I know what you mean about the 'bear.' HAHA!

Great pics! That is so cool that y'all have an end of year celebration! I need to do something like that.

Can't wait for the belly pic! :)

Marley's Mama said...

Those are some impressive bubbles! Bring it with you if you come out to Mom and Dad's this weekend!