Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nesting and Blogging Don't Go Together

I'm having major blogging brain block. I can't figure out what to write about. What's worth sharing; what's best kept to myself. So I've been avoiding it.

And nesting.

Nesting in a defrost the deep freeze and wash it all down, wash all the kids bedding, sort kids clothes and decide what to keep and give away, clean out the cabinets, teach the kids to clean the bathroom, make meals I've never made in my life just to have something to do, vacuum all the cracks and crevices of our home, and have a "To Do" list three pages long kind of way.

Sitting in my broken computer chair that hurts my back and blogging just seems unproductive by comparison.


I miss you all. You 5 people who read my blog and leave sweet comments. You who make my day when I take a deep breath and sit down on the very front edge of my broken chair so I'm sure I can heave baby and me back up again. Your thoughtful comments and emails are a wonderful encouragement to me and my swollen feet.

And speaking of blogging friends, Amanda is once again hosting the Awesomest Bloggy Awards. My bloggy friend Mimi is up for Awesomest Overall Blog. If you don't read this lady's blog, you should. She takes awesome pics, writes the most encouraging posts and has the best sense of humor. She's a bright spot in the blogging world and I'd love to see her win. Go vote for her will you? Thanks. :)

Once school is over (TWO MORE DAYS!!!) I should have a little more time to edit and post the many pictures sitting on my camera. And come see all of you a little more. Until then, you'll find me sniffing laundry that I just washed in Dreft.

It's so tiny.

And cute.

And pink.


He & Me + 3 said...


You are the sweetest person ever. Thanks for sending people over to vote. I so appreciate it. I just think you are too kind and wonderful. Oh how I loved nesting. But I don't think I ever cleaned out the freezer while nesting. LOL YOu are serious nesting! :)
Sorry about your broken chair. That is not good for the pregnant back or belly.
Hope you get some much needed rest.
Take care!
Thanks for posting. You know I miss your posts.

Brandi said...

Yep, I'm sure I'm going to find out blogging and nesting don't go together. I already know blogging and general house cleaning don't go together... and I'm sure staying up with a brand new baby all night is REALLY going to put a kink in it! HAHA!

I've been teaching my kiddos to clean the bathroom too! I have this wonderful smelling lavender Lysol that you can dilute w/water to make a cleaning solution. I put some in an old Windex bottle and I make the boys go in and clean the toothpaste off their counter ever morning and wipe down the potty. Of course, I still have to clean behind them, but I really do think it's making them think about the kind of mess they make in there. Smells better anyway. ;)

Amanda said...

You are the nicest!! I bet Mimi really appreciates your kindness as well!

Feel well pretty girl!

Laura said...

You have some serious nesting going on over there girl! I loved that stage, I remember unfolding and refolding clothes for hours until they were all perfect...clearly not as productive as YOUR nesting! :)

Mimi is so great, I hope she wins! I love reading her blog too, such a sweetie.

2 more days?? Yay, that's so exciting! I can't wait to see all the pictures waiting in your camera for you to share. :)

Take care of you and that baby...and all those other kids too! :) Hope the last part of this pregnancy goes well for you.


Martha Bishop said...

Bethany, I love reading your blog. You have some awesome thoughts. Hope all of you are doing well. Keep us posted on the baby.
Love to all of you,
Aunt Martha

Marley's Mama said...

So glad to see you're posting again! I'd forgotten about the nesting... isn't it great??? Except for the freezer part. :-) Can't wait to bring you some more tiny, cute, pink baby stuff tomorrow and take a trip down memory lane again myself.
See you soon!
Love you bunches!