Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby News and Other Randomness

It's almost the New Year and I have yet to do my Christmas post. I'm going with the whole, we were all sick Christmas week excuse. I had forgotten how long it takes me to get back to feeling well when I'm pregnant. So, I hope to post some pictures in the next few days.

We are having our second to last Christmas tomorrow with Doug's extended family. I'm so excited to go see his grandparents. It's been several weeks and being with them reminds me of being with my Mamaw and Papaw growing up. There's just something about grandma's from that era. :)

In baby news...

We've got another wild child on our hands I think. This baby started kicking hard enough for me to feel at only 14 weeks. By 15, I noticed that the baby gets hiccups at least three times a week (that I can feel).

I had my four month appointment yesterday and finally met the midwife in the practice. She is amazingly nice. I love that she took a ton of time with me and she even took me down for ultrasound. It was just for fun, so no real details to share. After all the kicks and punches I've been feeling I thought the baby might be moving around quite a bit. But on the ultrasound yesterday, the baby was very laid back, placid, just trying to suck it's thumb. I think I might have gotten a peek at the gender, but I'm not sure. I'll let you know if we can find out at the official ultrasound in a few weeks.

The boy name is narrowed down to girls names yet. I love the name Caitlyn, but Doug doesn't. And I found out it's my brother's fav girl name. So, I kind of feel bad about using it. Any suggestions?

Have any of you seen The Blind Side or the Chipmunks movie? Doug and I were thinking about making our first trip to the theatre since Sweet Home Alabama came out for The Blind Side. My poor husband loves the theatre and I really don't like going. It's just the sticking to the floor, watching teens make out, germs everywhere yuck that I really hate. I'm weird on that kind of stuff. :)

I'm also looking for fun traditions to start with the kids on New Years Eve. Do you have any fun things you do with your kids?

It's time to bring the randomness to a close. I hope you all have a safe, fun new year!


Brandi said...

Hmm... by your 4th, you should be able to look at the ultra sound and know! When we went for the ultra sound of our 2nd and 3rd, we looked and said in unison 'it's a boy' before the tech even had a chance to open her mouth! LOL! ;)

I like really unusual names... well, not weird unusual but uncommon or unique. I can't really think of any girl's names at the moment. My niece's name is Adler-Kate and I love her name.

Me and the boys are 'camping' in the living room and staying up as late as we can (which won't be very late for me). If hubby were here, he'd probably make turnip greens and black-eyed peas. Supposedly, 'money and good luck.' But, I'm hear to tell ya that doesn't work because we had neither in '09!

Happy New Year! :)

Laura said...

Laura is a good name, feel free to steal it. :) How fun that you can feel him/her move around that's the best part! So are you finding out what the sex is? I hope you are feeling well soon and don't worry about the name too much, yet! :)

We haven't seen The Blind Side, but going to a movie will be fun. (Although I am with you on the theater thing, I love Redbox for that reason!) :)

Have fun tonight with whatever you decide on doing. Last year we stayed at a Waterpark and it was so much fun, I wish we were going again this year. Most likely we'll be hanging out at home with the kids hopefully sleeping! (them not us) :)

Have a Wonderful New Year filled with many many blessings! :)


JanMary said...

Happy New Year!

We do things quite differently here - if parents find out they rarely let others know, and don't tell other the names before the birth. They also don't usually buy gifts for the baby before it is born - so no baby showers either (which is a shame - I would have loved one or three!!!

Marley's Mama said...

Jim's still partial to Madison!
Love you!

Amanda said...

I love that you are preggers. Love it. And love that you are thinking of names already, that is SO something I do!!

Hope it continues to go well!


Candi said...

Thanks for the comment, Bethany. I don't think their should be sides. My comment was almost that the start of the thread proves that there are obviously sides. If not, there would be no need for the thread at all. :-)

I just had to share that I felt my youngest boy moving very early on, too. I think I was about 13 weeks. We had gone on vacation to CA and we flew home when I was exactly 14 weeks. I remember laying in bed at night while in CA and was certain it was the baby moving. We had a 4 hour drive to get to the airport to fly home. I hadn't had any morning sickness and thought I had escaped it. NOPE!! We had to pull off the side of the road. Morning sickness hit at 14 weeks! Flying home was not pleasant!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh my word. How did I miss this post. Sheesh...well, I am way behind. Go see Blind Side...I haven't seen it yet, but everyone is saying it is one of the best movies they have seen. That is next on our movies to see list. Our kids always spend the night with my parents on NYE so we can have a date night. It is fun...and they love it.
That is amazing that you could feel the baby at 14 weeks. Awesome.
Have a blessed New Year!

Mom said...

Blind Side was an absolutely great movie. Dad and I usually wait for them to come out later, but we wanted to see this one pretty bad. I think Tyler would even like it. The so-called "sex" scene was just a happy mom and dad snuggling down "to sleep" - just the fact that it was in bed is the only thing different from what kids would see anyway in a happy home.

Mom said...

Just got a note from Jed G. Melanie just had twins - names are Judah (for the boy, no middle name yet) and the girl is Grace Shalom. Just a couple more names to add to your list!

Cyndi said...

Hi. I'm just now came across your blog. How fun that you are having another baby. Aren't they so much fun. My favorite baby names are Addyson and Aiden. I plan on using them one day, but feel free to use them first.