Wednesday, December 16, 2009


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Or maybe it's just me who is excited.

Remember my telling you about our good friend Mike. Well he has his own website up now. Thanks in large part to my dad. Many (but not all) of Mike's beautiful work is posted at shekinahwoodturning. com. Mike's work ranges from beautifully practical to artfully exquisite. Really, you should go take a look. :)

A few months ago, Doug and I headed out his way to take some pictures, purchase a piece for a give away, and Doug worked on a piece. Mike is teaching Doug the art of lathe turning. I sat on the porch with Lynn (his wife) and watched the kids playing in the yard and climbing around in the garage while Daddy worked.

Many of Mike's pieces sit in the garage waiting to be tagged, priced, and put on the website.

I love how this one sits finished on an unfinished block of wood that is waiting to be turned.

Mike gave me a piece for to give away, but I fell in love with it. So, I'm going to have to get back out there and compensate him for it. Here's the give away: it is a beautiful vase he made with some wonderful character to it. (It stand about 6 inches tall and is made from maple.)

Want to know how to win?
I thought so. :)Leave a comment for each of the following you do. I'll do the random number thing. This is open for one week.

Leave a comment for one entry.

Check out his website and look for your favorite piece. Tell me which it is!

Blog about it and leave a link to his website -mine is optional!

Send a twitter or a tweet or whatever you call it with his website included!

This is not a promo for me or my blog so you don't need to link back here. Mike has put many hours into making wonderful vases, bowls, and art. I would love to see him get a little exposure for his work. Maybe even sell a few pieces. :) I hope you have fun looking and please, spread the word. Happy shopping!


He & Me + 3 said...

His work is just beautiful. I love piece #46. Oh to be so talented.

Brandi said...

His work is beautiful! That is really neat. Will be checking out the website! ;)

Anonymous said...

#26 is my favorite... Wow.

Kristina T said...

Oops! I forgot to leave my name. I like #26 but also love #24.

Erin said...

I love the give away vase. Now I'm off to look at his website and see what I love there.

Erin said...

I think my favorie is 13 but they are all beautiful.

Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

OHHHH #11 is the ONE.... ME LIKEY!!! =)

Mrs. McFadden said...

These are beautiful, my Father-in-Law is a fine woodworker and so is my husband. :0)

Francie Schmuhl said...

Okay, how sad is this? I go to his website and my one of the most expensive ones (Maple Burl bowl #24). It's funny, I did the same thing at our favorite woodworking shop in North Carolina when we were there on vacation.
Your friend Mike does amazing work, really stunning. And you guys are close (we're in South Bend). I wouldn't have thought you'd find this great spalted wood in our area!

Laura said...

He is so talented, what beautiful work!

Laura said...

I love all the different vases especially 31.

Andy and Cari said...

neat stuff...very cool.

Andy and Cari said...

I love number 26...just like someone else...ahh, she must have great taste.

Amanda said...

I love that rustic bowl with the rugged edges!!


So generous!


Mom said...

Hi Honey, I love to see how many of your readers love Mike's work. My favorite piece that we have is the vase made from the gingko tree that stood behind the old library in town. It a perfect container to hold my gatherings from a fall walk in the woods! "Dried" arrangements don't have to be expensive!

PS Don't enter me in the give-away. Just wanted to add my 2 cents!

Pam, mom, honey, said...

thanks for your comment on homeschooling. i guess i did not explain myself clearly and i feel better knowing you guys commented