Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hope!

Dear Hope,

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin Pie! You are four, although you wake up every morning asking if you are five yet. :) Mommy isn't ready to let you grow up that fast.

This year you have grown up so very much. You are growing tall. At your check up you are in the 90% in height. You are a quick learner too. You love to sort things, figure out new words, color, write your name and anything else you think you can write and work puzzles. You are trying to hard to read without anyone teaching you. That's the way you do everything, On. Your. Own. You make us laugh!

One of your favorite activities this year was going to the zoo. We went a couple of times in the winter, this was the week of Becca's birthday. We went just after a huge ice storm. You were thrilled to see the dolphin show. Since our membership has expired you keep reminding us that the giraffes are very sad that you don't go to see them any more.

You love to help me cook. That one of your favorite activities. You want to help with everything, including peeling vegetables, stirring and pouring and, my personal favorite, "hatching" the eggs when we are baking.

You absolutely love church. You are developing such a soft heart for the things of God. You want to live for him already and the blesses your daddy and I to no end. You often lift your hands during praise time at church and can't wait for Miss Lisa or Miss Rebecka to take you to "Scunday school" as you call it.

This will forever be the year you cut your hair in my mind. Everyone thinks I went and had it cut now. The cut you gave yourself is so cute. :) I think in another month or two your bangs will finally be out of your eyes again. I can tell you are beginning to get frustrated with them. Hopefully you won't be grabbing for the scissors again.

Every now and then I still get a little peak into the tiniest bit of baby left in you. Like when you weren't feeling well and conked out on the couch. I love your sweet, sweet sleeping face.

 This was taken on your first ever camping trip. We went with a few other families from our church and you had a blast. I think  you lived in a hammock half of each day. It was so hot. You would climb in and rock for what seemed like forever. Mommy and Daddy loved knowing exactly where you were!

 You are having so much fun being you! Daddy and I are so proud of the little girl you are and know that God will continue to direct your life. We pray that you will acknowledge God in all your ways and allow him to be the center of your life. You are so very, very precious to us. I love you, baby girl!



Brandi said...

She's so beautiful, and I love her hair (although, I have taken your advice and the scissors are gone in our house - haha! If Amberly cut off her curls, I think I'd have a hard time with that)!

Happy Birthday Hope! :)

Lindsey said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!

He & Me + 3 said...

She is so pretty. Her personality shines through in every picture. Love her hair. Adorable. Happy Birthday Hope!

Rachel said...

She is darling... what a beautiful little girl, inside and out! (Good thing she can rock short hair too! :)

jules said...

She has such a cute smile. Why is it they always want to be older than they are?

Laura said...

I can't believe she is 4!! She is absolutely beautiful and such a sweetie pie! I love that she ask is she is 5 yet, that is so cute. :) I love the sleeping picture. I can relate to trying to get those peaks into the little bit of baby left in them. What a little blessing she is! :)