Monday, January 16, 2012

Catch up!

It's been awhile. Since Living Christmas Trees I've been tired and busy. Mostly just tired though. I'm hoping to get caught up in the next few days on our family's life.  

Starting where I left off, here are the highlights of the 2011 LCT. 

 The  obligatory family photo! Right before the last performance I remembered to get one on the set. Thanks to my friend Katie for taking the time in the midst of her assistant director(ing) responsibilities to not only snap the picture, but make sure lighting was a good as it could get and make my baby laugh! I love that she's laughing so hard you can't see her eyes in this one!
My precious angel! This was by far her favorite role this year. She loved learning the dance and being a part of this scene.
 This sweet lady heads up the childcare for all the younger kids in the cast. She has "adopted" our family into theirs and we are blessed beyond measure. She and Hope put each other's lipstick on before the show.
 My Hopey girl! She was a trooper again this year. She was a bundle of joy and brought joy to many hearts. She was adamant about which scenes she did NOT want to be a part of this year. It was so nice for her to be able to articulate what she wanted to do and didn't. Of course, it was a big disappointment (and therefore some less than joyful moments) when she learned she wasn't quite old enough to be an angel. But she did awesome in the Palm Sunday scene and the finale where she learned the whole dance and rarely missed a beat. We were so proud of her and thankful to Mr. Dan for being so patient to help her on stage.
 One of my favorite parts. This year to the scene depicting Jesus' ministry they added Jesus welcoming the children. I love the look on the disciples face as Jesus gives his full attention to the children.
 A very special teen volunteered several  nights to come help with the kids.  If you remember, Breeley was not having a great week. She was tired and teething. Once this sweet girl came to play, Breeley was so happy. She would even fall asleep for her in a room filled with playing kids.

 My boy in the choir room which served as our green room, prior to a show. Ty did a great job in more grown up rolls this year. This was the first time he was a part of the crucifixion scene. I was so proud of his listening to directions and learning from each practice and performance. He had a joy about him and a hard work ethic with learning the finale dance. 

It was a great year again. I'm not sure we'll be back on board again next year, but there are a lot of fun memories to carry us for quite awhile. I love how this brings us together as a family and a church. We are so grateful that so many of our family and friends came to see the show. It's so much fun to  know a few in the audience. Thanks for making time to come share the fun with us!


Brandi said...

Well, here I am thinking you haven't blogged in forever, but you have and I've been missing it!!!

Wow, that set really does look amazing. What a wonderful experience for your family. And, the kids are all SO beautiful and adorable... loved seeing new pics of them! :)

He & Me + 3 said...

I love the family picture. Just beautiful. Your family is just precious. looks like you are truly blessed with your church family too. Love the set. It looks so great. I adore Hope's hair. So cute.