Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Year Pictures

It has been horribly hot this summer. When my friend/mentor/my kid's church grandma invited us up to swim there was no way I was going to turn her down. Couple that with their gorgeous landscaping and I decided to finally get off my lazy behind and take Bree's one year pictures. After all she is almost fourteen months now.
Oh, the joys of white balance. This one was *obviously* set wrong. But with a HUGE amount of editing it almost passes. I just love her expression in this one. Ty did a great job getting her to smile.
Melt my heart! Is there anything more to say about this sweet pose she struck. The girl's got talent... or something. Maybe I should hold off on any modeling talk until her daddy has gotten used to Hope's new haircut. ;)
Always on the move! She keeps me hopping...especially when I'm shooting with a 50mm. Sometimes I think I'd give my right arm for a fast zoom lens. I'm learning so much shooting with this lens. Anyone have any tips, lenses for Canons that you love and want to share about?

Grandma "I" and Breeley. Love this!

She so did not get her long legs from her short mama. 

Rockin' the snorkel.

She loves her big brother!

Thanks, "I", for letting us come swim and take pictures! We love you!!!


Brandi said...

You got some amazing shots! Oh my goodness, she is a doll!!! :) I LOVE the one on the bridge and the one on the stone path thingy. Just beautiful!

So, do you love your 50mm? I think I want one... I've heard mixed reviews, but most people say it's the best way to get really good bokeh. There is a place I found recently (Borrowlenses.com) and you can rent lenses very reasonably. I haven't done it yet, but I think I'm going to rent a 50mm for a week or so and see how I like it before I buy one.

Amanda said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family you have! And girl, those pictures you took are just awesome!! You are right, that pose is PERFECTION!!!! I love it!

He & Me + 3 said...

She is so cute! You got some great pictures. The bridge picture is so adorable. She has such a sweet smile.

Marley's Mama said...

I am SO IN LOVE with the one of her on the bridge!!! Grandma I has some beautiful flagstone too! You are your own toughest critic~ I think they are beautiful photos!
Love you!

jules said...

I just can't believe she is one already!

Laura said...

That second picture is SO perfect!! She is just a little doll!