Wednesday, June 29, 2011


One. How did my baby go from this
to this so very, very quickly?
Bree baby,

You are so big now.  Everything about you is big.

Your happy is as big as baby happiness gets. You giggle with abandon and light up a room with your smile. When you run, yes RUN, to the door when Dada gets home form work your make us all laugh. You lurch around the corner and barrel towards the door. Sometimes staying on your feet, sometime not. But you just cannot contain your happiness. You love a good joke. When you know you're about to do something funny you always try to catch someone's eye first. If that fails, you yell to get some attention.

You love big. You are great at giving kisses and hugs. Sometime you even pat the back of the person as you hold them close. You do that especially with your dada. The loves of your life include Mom-mom, Dada, Tyler, Becca, Hope and Mav (the dog)the many grandparents you are blessed with and your blanket.

You play big. You don't want to settle for baby toys. Your favorites are your sisters' "laptops", the play kitchen set, books of all kinds. You want to swing with the big kids, go down the big slide (with Ty's help), ride on the big rides, walk where they walk. You are not content to be the baby sister any longer.

You are growing big too. You wear size 18 month clothes, although some 12 month clothes still fit. You are walking, running, climbing stairs and trying to climb up the step ladder if it gets left out. Dancing is one of your favorite activities too. You are a head banging, body wiggling girl. It is so much fun to watch you! You love to talk. "Dada, "Mom-mom", "dis" and "dat" (when pointing to things), "I wuv" (when daddy tells you goodnight), "Hi", "Bye", "yuup" (to tell Mav to hush) are all words you say daily. You are trying to come up with other names. Sometimes you will try to repeat names of toys, people, things. 

We love you, baby girl, so very much. I am so grateful God saw fit to give us the gift of you. Happy Birthday, Breeley.

2 days - Loved already!

1 month - Smiling!

2 months - Great Grandpa and you!
3 months- You found your thumb.
4 months- Last picnic of the summer
5 months- Hanging out with Hope!

6 months- Merry Christmas!

7 months - You look so much like your grandma.

8 months- You and Great-Grandpa.

9 months- Snuggling with Daddy in Florida.

10 months

11 months- Only your second time in a real swing!

ONE! Banana Pudding for our banana fanatic!


He & Me + 3 said...

Happy Birthday Breeley! Yes, she does smile big. I love her sweet face. How did a year go by so fast? You have a precious girly there.
I want some of that Banana Pudding.

Lindsey said...

I can't believe she's saying all those words already! Wow! She is SOOOO cute! Happy Birthday Breeley!

Brandi said...

Awww, she is the sweetest thing. I can't believe she's a year old!!!

Happy Birthday Breeley! :)

jules said...

I just can't believe she is one already! She sounds like such a warm hearted little girl....

McDaniel Family said...

Oh, Breeley! You sure are a beautiful, sweet princess and we are so glad that we get to be a part of your life! Can't wait to watch you grow into the beautiful woman God created you to be!!!

Marley's Mama said...

Happy birthday, beautiful baby! You have brought much joy into my life this year as I have watched you grow and learn. That grin in incredible! It's so fun to watch you toddle about and show everyone you are "SO BIG"! Love you!

Tiffany said...

Aww...what sweetness! I love the thumb-sucking shot. Violet does that, and I always wanted a thumb sucker. She is so sweet. What a blessing!

Rachel said...

She is just darling! Those smiles are infectious!

JanMary @ said...

She is gorgeous - lovely to see her growing over the year :)

Laura said...

She melts my heart! What a sweet little girl! I can't believe she is already one, where does time go!? I remember when you announced you were pregnant. :) I love the Christmas picture with you and the snuggle picture with Daddy, she is just precious!

Happy Birthday you sweet little baby doll!!